Osulloc Cafe at Samcheongdong


 photo IMG_0951 copy_zpssrtloe63.jpg
 photo IMG_0950 copy_zpsho4ob05g.jpg
 photo IMG_0949 copy_zpsyilyyzqf.jpg photo IMG_0947 copy_zpsbi6mze7p.jpg
 photo IMG_0946 copy_zpsjkyvvowm.jpg photo IMG_0944 copy_zpspho3ys8t.jpg
 photo IMG_0943 copy_zpsjila35ts.jpg
 photo IMG_0942 copy_zpspsunjrch.jpg
 photo IMG_0940 copy_zpslg9gaec4.jpg

You can get your green tea dosage right here at Osulloc Cafe at Sam Cheong Dong! πŸ™‚

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