Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain 반포대교 달빛무지개분수

[Travel in August 2013]

We missed the rainbow fountain the other time during our march/april trip. Hence, we decided to come over and give a try during our summer trip. And, yes we were lucky! Weee! The beautiful fountain with lovely music and colours warmed our heart with excitement 🙂

 photo P8053936 copy_zpssjg35itg.jpg

 photo P8053939 copy_zpsdl85g4y7.jpg

 photo P8053943 copy_zpsdwwabmgx.jpg

 photo P8053944 copy_zpswrmagyjv.jpg

 photo P8053945 copy_zpsefralyfq.jpg

 photo P8053951 copy_zpstabli6gn.jpg

 photo P8053952 copy_zpsuzgtbhux.jpg

 photo P8053953 copy_zpsn1itqhto.jpg

 photo P8053956 copy_zpstv14iedz.jpg

 photo P8053957 copy_zps2qkqqbm1.jpg
 photo P8053961 copy_zpsbkaacbah.jpg

 photo P8053960 copy_zpsstrmmmo5.jpg

Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 8-1.
Walk straight for about 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection.
Continue straight for another 400m and cross the road at the crosswalk.
Continue the journery straight through the underpass to arrive the park where you get to see Rainbow Fountain 😀

You may order chicken while waiting for the fountain teeheehee~~~
(I will share more on the chicken brands in korea in next few entries)

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