Gangwon Day Trip: Sea Train (바다열차)

[Travel in April 2013]

I remembered watching this Sea Train ride from a taiwanese travel show on tv and I was quite excited to share this with my travel companions of the upcoming trip. And apparently, Carol knew about it too, maybe we watched the same show or so. So, we find that this Sea Train was pretty interesting as the seated are all facing 1 side where you get to see the pretty scenery. So, yeah, we managed to go during our #3doryinkr 🙂 Wow, its been 2years coming 3 years ago! 🙂 Its been a wonderful 2013.

 photo P4152351 copy_zpsbmxsuswc.jpg#here’s our bus ticket from Express Bus Terminal. Please check the timing schedule.
Because in order to catch the train at Samcheok Station at 12noon, we had to catch the 7:10am bus! 🙂
 photo P4152352 copy_zpscrenpwsl.jpg
 photo P4152353 copy_zpspwgdxf96.jpg
#take note of your bus number because there’s rest stop and there will be many many buses there! 🙂

 photo P4152356 copy_zpswu0scley.jpg
#our reserved tickets for seatrain! 🙂

 photo P4152365 copy_zps0oe1ttmd.jpg
 photo P4152357 copy_zpsnzxl7nth.jpg
 photo P4152359 copy_zpslx8hwgvj.jpg
 photo P4152360 copy_zpsc2n0rqcs.jpg
 photo P4152361 copy_zpsk47b9vlt.jpg
 photo P4152363 copy_zps0qx7cd2a.jpg
 photo P4152364 copy_zps2oqg9kwe.jpg
#apparently, we were the maknaes during the train ride! 😀

 photo P4152367 copy_zps3sjwxvrc.jpg
 photo P4152368 copy_zpsgjy6hqqp.jpg
 photo P4152371 copy_zpsajhk8bwd.jpg
 photo P4152372 copy_zpslgszprmu.jpg
 photo P4152373 copy_zpsfidxthsd.jpg
 photo P4152377 copy_zpshkza9hkn.jpg
 photo P4152379 copy_zpsamn6seke.jpg
 photo P4152380 copy_zpsvevv4hbz.jpg photo P4152395 copy_zps4poemw9h.jpg
 photo P4152383 copy_zpsnlap90za.jpg
 photo P4152385 copy_zpsykvrevuf.jpg photo P4152391 copy_zpsfdny6ys6.jpg
 photo P4152388 copy_zpsr6fqjjho.jpg
 photo P4152389 copy_zps1owwk8xj.jpg#짬뽕순두부 Handmade tofu in spicy broth! Its so awesome!!! 🙂
 photo P4152392 copy_zpszjhxx0cg.jpg
 photo P4152393 copy_zpskbjmqzl4.jpg
 photo P4152396 copy_zpsdckrp8wx.jpgOur Daytrip to Gangwon/Samcheok-si
Your accommodation > Express Bus Terminal Station
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal > Samcheok Station
Seatrain from Samcheok Station – Gangneung Station
We had our lunch at 동화가든 (Fairytale garden)
Took a cab back to Gangneung Bus Terminal
And take a express bus back to Seoul Express Bus Terminal 🙂

*Operation hours had changed from the time I took. Please double check with the bus terminal schedule while planning 🙂

Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Samcheok Station: 17,400won
Seatrain: 15,000won
Gangneung Bus Terminal to Seoul Express Bus Terminal: 21,500won

Lunch @ 동화가든 (Fairytale garden)
Address: 309-1 Chodang-dong, Gangneung-si, Kangwon, South Korea

2 thoughts on “Gangwon Day Trip: Sea Train (바다열차)”

  • Hi, I am planning to visit this June, is the sea train station near to Samcheok bus terminal when you arrived? And is Gangneung Bus Terminal near to Jeongdongjin sea train station? Do you purchase all the transport tickets on the spot there or you reserve on-line? Tks if you could give me some advice.

    • Hi Lindy!

      The Bus Terminal is very near to the Sea Train Station 🙂 And, we bought our tickets all on the spot 🙂 But we did reach earlier in case the ticket was sold out 🙂

      We actually took a cab over to Gangneung Bus Terminal from the restaurant becaue we feel thats the easier way out 🙂


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