Thank you 2015!


Before 2016 come in a flash, Thank you 2015.
You are awesome, and I love you to the moon and back.
Thanks for giving me so much love :)

2014-2015 // Countdown concert by Kim Dong Wan in Korea
2015 Jan – Feb // Attended Will Pan concert in Taiwan with my childhood friend of 23 years
2015 Mar – Apr // Experience the Orange Sea, and this time with all 6 :)
2015 Mar – Apr // When you love something, you will do it. I watched BEAST alone ^^
2015 Mar – Apr // Travelled with my a few group of friends and they are awesome!
2015 Apr // Our 2nd friend in the group getting hitch! :)
2015 May // Birthday Holiday with Shuying while she is on her working flight
2015 May // Birthday Month with lovely friends
2015 Aug // SG50 Staycation with my dory
2015 Sept // Staycation + BEAST FM was one of the best thing happened!
2015 Oct – Nov // #fly2perth with bff :) Experienced Air + Sea
2015 Nov // Hello Disney with cousins & Awesome MT FUJI
2015 Dec // 5 awesome days in Korea with Shuying

Thank you everyone who make my 2015 an awesome one.
Love you

See you 2016!


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