Peony Cafe Hongdae

[Travel in Decmeber 2015]

[!!!] They will be relocated, last day of business will be on 30 November.Β 

New located cafe is now a bigger and more spacious one for all strawberries lovers! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg
 photo IMG_7794 copy_zpsscmwh2ti.jpg
 photo IMG_7796 copy_zpsntbxf9my.jpg
 photo IMG_7798 copy_zpsocxiir0u.jpg
 photo IMG_7800 copy_zps7puhuqlj.jpg
 photo IMG_7801 copy_zpsozypzeue.jpg
 photo IMG_7802 copy_zps8qslw1q3.jpg
#strawberry cake that is so soft and tasty! Strawberries were sweet! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7804 copy_zpsvv9o6ovl.jpg
 photo IMG_7807 copy_zpsj7cg4gsg.jpg
 photo IMG_7811 copy_zpsh41jfadc.jpg
 photo IMG_7814 copy_zpsbkjd4etr.jpg
 photo IMG_7816 copy_zpsvz4mxcr1.jpg
 photo IMG_7817 copy_zpskkgnpunc.jpg
# Milk Bingsu with Strawberries! πŸ™‚
 photo IMG_7818 copy_zpskzngjlyn.jpg
 photo IMG_7819 copy_zpsmsig53uq.jpg
Β the bingsu is so nice, its yummy even without the strawberries! πŸ™‚ Aside from sulbing, this is the best! πŸ™‚


 photo IMG_7849 copy_zps0qzephri.jpg
# Hongdae Exit 9

 photo IMG_7850 copy_zpsci03xkbg.jpg
#walk straight after exit 9! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7845 copy_zpsq7nsxr2k.jpg
#continue to walk straight πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7844 copy_zpsdzhbgbcn.jpg
#turned left πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7842 copy_zpsechdwzqe.jpg
#continue to walk straight πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7841 copy_zpsxhu5jlyh.jpg
#getting close, but continue to walk straight along New Balance store πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7838 copy_zpsbbylkr6b.jpg
#turn left when you see Over The Dish and walk along the path! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7836 copy_zps6pjbwyjm.jpg
#continue to walk straight and turn right when you see Ediya Coffee

 photo IMG_7835 copy_zpsolilm55a.jpg
#continue to walk straight! πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_7832 copy_zps8hfykegy.jpg
#almost almost!!!

 photo IMG_7830 copy_zpshw5vapm4.jpg
#this is the building, continue to walk straight and there will be a lift up πŸ™‚
(side track, you see the building in the front with a T. Thats the Twosome Studio that YG’s producer Teddy own)Β 

 photo IMG_7827 copy_zps6h3wcdpm.jpg
#level 2 is for take away πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7828 copy_zps6yqb1dop.jpg
#go in here πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7826 copy_zps6l22shcr.jpg
#and take a lift up to level 4 πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg

ν™λŒ€ ν”Όμ˜€λ‹ˆ 카페 Β Peony Cafe at HongdaeΒ 
Address in Korea: ν™λŒ€ Β· μ„œμšΈμ‹œ 마포ꡬ μ„œκ΅λ™ 343-11 2μΈ΅, 4μΈ΅
Tel: 02-333-5325
Wifi ID: cafe5G
Wifi PW: tm123456
Level 2 for Take-away and Level 4 for dine in! πŸ™‚

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