Common Ground, Konkuk University

[Travel in December 2015]

Korea first pop-up store with containers with different theme of shopping brands located near Konkuk University Station – Common Ground. A perfect location where university students will gathers and head over after their school. Perfect shopping location, and there’s Dora Dora cafe, where the famous rainbow swiss roll will be found too. I went there during winter, hence lots of winter clothings 🙂

// Superman’s return twin boys head there during the show 🙂 As well as, Sistar’s Shake it MV is filmed there too 🙂 

 photo IMG_8445 copy_zps6jebs48j.jpg

 photo IMG_8451 copy_zpsptpmf4ze.jpg

 photo IMG_8453 copy_zpsv4yh0puy.jpg

 photo IMG_8454 copy_zpsp12g7daa.jpg

 photo IMG_8455 copy_zps7lb1t7ek.jpg

 photo IMG_8457 copy_zps3g2siw4q.jpg

 photo IMG_8459 copy_zpsu0ujecnf.jpg

 photo IMG_8461 copy_zpsq0ee5qgf.jpg

 photo IMG_8463 copy_zps3yl3o4wm.jpg

 photo IMG_8464 copy_zpsopglyb7s.jpg

 photo IMG_8465 copy_zps9aobilru.jpg

 photo IMG_8466 copy_zpsyujy1j6g.jpg

 photo IMG_8467 copy_zpsdzheeerj.jpg

 photo IMG_8470 copy_zpsj6hc7jap.jpg

 photo IMG_8472 copy_zpsklhqtx0j.jpg

 photo IMG_8475 copy_zpsofwml1th.jpg

 photo IMG_8477 copy_zpsrm9vlexn.jpg

 photo IMG_8481 copy_zps7eejqtsd.jpg

 photo IMG_8483 copy_zps9axnvecf.jpg

 photo IMG_8484 copy_zpsr0hldjxo.jpg

 photo IMG_8491 copy_zpsulsw80lk.jpg

Common Ground 커먼그라운드
Subway: Konkuk University
Direction: Exit 6, and walk straight, you will see Commonground after 5 minutes 🙂

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