BEAST’s Yong Junhyung’s Cafe – HABrunch 하이브런치

[Travel in December 2015]

[!!!] 30th April 2016, Goodbye! I can’t forget that I visited it after attending BEAST’s GIVEMI Challenge Concert where Junhyung was injuried and not able to attend. Junhyung’s uncle updated us at the cafe that he was getting better now 🙂 Thank you Junhyung’s appa personally made the black tea latte that I really love! 🙂 I will miss every good memories, and hopefully one day, we will all get to drink and eat it again 🙂

[!!!] Updates, HABRUNCH will be opened till 28 April 2016, your last 2 weeks to do the last visit before its closed! Let Junhyung’s father knows that everyone actually love his cafe, and the black tea latte he made was really awesome! 🙂 

I visited Cafe The Med in March 2015, and during 2015 July, there’s news regards that they changed the franchise to HABRUNCH. As Junhyung’s fan, how can I not visit this cafe after they remodelled it? hehehe!!! So, I am taking this opportunity to revisit the cafe, and try their juk! 🙂

From their latest updates March 2016, HABRUNCH have more varieties on their All-Day-Breakfast/Dessert options. I have yet went to the cafe since they had the new menu. So, I need to revisit it again to try their new dish hahaha 🙂

 photo IMG_8758 copy_zpsvlaya6gk.jpg
Since its a franchise cafe, the outlook definitely look different from Cafe the Med 🙂

 photo IMG_8760 copy_zpszklfp6ph.jpg
 photo IMG_8762 copy_zps8laukdws.jpg
 photo IMG_8763 copy_zpsatwyrnqb.jpg
More interiors decor that symbolise Junhyung! 🙂

 photo IMG_8766 copy_zpssjim98vl.jpg
Got myself a new card, as the previous one was for Cafe the Med 🙂

 photo IMG_8767 copy_zpsxa8ivuga.jpg
I went during Junhyung Birthday week, so that explain Junhyung Birthday Sleeve! :DDDDD

 photo IMG_8770 copy_zpszc6xenyy.jpg
 photo IMG_8771 copy_zpskkuqwkzz.jpg
 photo IMG_8773 copy_zpsaptlw2ak.jpg
 photo IMG_8775 copy_zps70bmkjuz.jpg
 photo IMG_8776 copy_zpsgyjxbv5i.jpg
 photo IMG_8777 copy_zpsg1t0y1o5.jpg
 photo IMG_8779 copy_zpsqttilekx.jpg
 photo IMG_8781 copy_zpstvyi9gau.jpg
 photo IMG_8782 copy_zps8ymi8nb5.jpg
 photo IMG_8783 copy_zpss33fi2t5.jpg
 photo IMG_8784 copy_zps4l4hklr3.jpg
 photo IMG_8785 copy_zpszfqbju79.jpgI bought this! Maybe because its Junhyung birthday? Junhyung appa wrote a 1 for 1 discount promotion for that week! And I bought it immediately! 🙂

 photo IMG_8786 copy_zpsbi5klcdp.jpg
 photo IMG_8787 copy_zps7iog56hq.jpg
 photo IMG_8791 copy_zps3spom3gg.jpg
 photo IMG_8793 copy_zpsvhho8z0s.jpgAnd our food came shortly after the drinks! :DDD

 photo IMG_8798 copy_zpsmiye1taw.jpg
 photo IMG_8799 copy_zpsr5axgsbf.jpg
 photo IMG_8802 copy_zps572kbcp9.jpg
 photo IMG_8806 copy_zpsucnjmxqr.jpg
 photo IMG_8808 copy_zpsovfxlpq2.jpg

Direction to BEAST’s Junhyung HABRUNCH 하이브런치 (Apgujeong)

 photo IMG_0255 copy_zps0auyzjuv.jpg #Apgujeong Station Exit 3 (I took a photo of this station exit, but you should walk straight once exit, walk straight towards CGV 🙂

 photo IMG_0254 copy_zpsttqbynie.jpg # Turn left here at the junction after CGV

 photo IMG_0253 copy_zpsjmsnxfvm.jpg #Continue to walk straight 🙂

 photo IMG_0252 copy_zpsmr7luhwq.jpg #continue to walk straight~~  you will see it shortly, on your right side 🙂

 photo IMG_8758 copy_zpsvlaya6gk.jpgPlease give more support to Junhyung’s family business 🙂


BEAST’s Yong Junhyung HABRUNCH 하이브런치
Address: 서울시 강남구 신사동 595-11번지
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm – Check more details on twitter!
Subway: Apgujeong Station Exit 3
Direction: Exit 3, walk straight, and turn left at CGV, continue to walk straight for 5mins you will see HABRUNCH on your right 🙂

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