March Rabbit Salad at Sinsa

[Travel in March/April 2016]

I realised SHINHWA’s Minwoo have been posting March Rabbit Salad very often, and this made me really curious about this salad place. I have realised in Korea, its pretty hard to eat salad or green vegetable off a dish. Its not like we can go into a shop and able to order a green dish out of the menu. The closest we get to a vegetable dish is to have a BBQ day, but I really not a BBQ person as well. So, I went to researched on March Rabbit Salad, and their menu is pretty interesting. Hence, after a pretty sinful week of food indulge, we decided to give this salad place a try! :)

 photo IMG_2123 copy_zpsv7n7mqpg.jpg
#It a very striking building with green and yellow. Probably a very healthy colour too! hur hur :D

 photo IMG_2150 copy_zpskppkwfyt.jpg photo IMG_2126 copy_zpsxc7isjlx.jpg photo IMG_2138 copy_zpssy4n5ifb.jpg photo IMG_2136 copy_zpshffvajue.jpg photo IMG_2135 copy_zpsoaic3fky.jpg photo IMG_2134 copy_zpshjq7lb97.jpg photo IMG_2133 copy_zpssdhysumt.jpg

The interior was simple, but beautiful. The order system is alike to Starbucks. We ordered at the counter (in English is fine!) and given the cashier our name. (So, I was assuming, they had to pronounce my difficult name again, maybe I should adopt a new Korean name that will be easier for them to call next time!) So, we just sat down and wait for our name to be called! :)

 photo IMG_2142 copy_zpsr3pljyhh.jpg
I ordered a fruit juice – Kelp & Apple Juice, kind of nice and challenging for a picky person like me! haha
This drink wasn’t cheap, 7200won

 photo IMG_2148 copy_zpszft7xa60.jpg photo IMG_2149 copy_zpsum4ys5d3.jpg photo IMG_2143 copy_zpsqlchnxmg.jpg
We ordered a salmon salad top with egg to share! :) As my friend and I was pretty much a small eater, this plate of salad was pretty good enough for us. We didn’t even finished the bread. We saw some interesting food on the menu, and guessed we shall visited again together with other friends so we have more choices to try! :)

Salad make me missed the good salad days in Perth. They are so good so crunchy that we don’t even need to add any sauce and they just taste so good :)



 photo IMG_2106 copy_zpswju3jnrg.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, I didn’t even realise the sakura was blooming in between the road till my friend told me about it! :)

 photo IMG_2108 copy_zpsi4cyz2i4.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2110 copy_zpsu9ak8xjy.jpg
#continue to walk straight, and turn left at It’s Skin :)

 photo IMG_2111 copy_zps7riia0hk.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2113 copy_zpsq6dhalai.jpg#Cross the road and turn left and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2115 copy_zpssvtglbcq.jpg#Continue to walk straight, and turn right the coming street :)

 photo IMG_2117 copy_zpspbubifoc.jpg
#Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2119 copy_zpsbsqnuekz.jpg
#Continue to walk straight till you see GS25 :)

 photo IMG_2121 copy_zpseqiwqxby.jpg
#You will see this yellow building on your right, and yes you reached :)

 photo IMG_2123 copy_zpsv7n7mqpg.jpg

March Rabbit
Address in Korean:서울특별시 강남구 신사동 560번지
Address in English: 560 Sinsa dong, Gang-nam gu (Garosugil) Seoul
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm daily, Break time 15:30 to 17:30
Contact: +82 70-4531-4514
Subway: Sinsa Station Exit 8

*If you like SHINHWA like I do, and wish to visit places that they visited before, read here! :)


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