Busy not Busy

My friend texted me yesterday and asked me why I didn’t blog anything about my Perth trip yet. haha.

I realised, I haven share anything about my Perth trip (#fly2perth) which I’m really missed the fun and life there. Spending everyday with excitment was really unforgetable. The hot air balloon experience, our road trips, and meetings my friends. I will try to share as much as I can when I’m free! :)

Other than that, I also visited Japan- Tokyo (#oishijourneyfor3cousins) for the first time, and experience a brand new country and exploring them was eye-opening. Though there’s some hiccups, but I’m glad I did as much as I could and love to visit my next favourite city – Hokkidao/Kyoto/ next time in future. Oh yes, this is also our first solo cousins trip together in 3 :)

On top of that, I have alot to share on my family trip to Dubai (#chuafamilytriptodubai2016) this year. Everything was amazing, its really eye-opening for us to head over Dubai. So many things to learn and their cultures are so different.

Let me find some time, to document everything down before saying goodbye to 2016.


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