Pancake Original Story @ Itaewon

[Travel in March/April 2016]

Even though I went to Korea so so so many time, I don’t really visit Itaewon this often. I don’t really recall why, but there doesn’t seems many attractions and Itaewon is located quite out of the way to any other places I usually visit. But, ever since late last year, I have visited Itaewon (for foods definitely!) much more often than usual :)

Here’s Pancakes Original Story that are famous for their pancake souffleed that many people visited for :) And mainly because they are one of the 6 top brunch restaurants in Seoul selected by CNN :D

 photo IMG_1592 copy_zpsl20ha9yp.jpg photo IMG_1623 copy_zps1verzjg7.jpg
 photo IMG_1604 copy_zpsgpqvcihp.jpg photo IMG_1602 copy_zpsvdddl9dj.jpg
 photo IMG_1600 copy_zpsetf74pmw.jpg
 photo IMG_1594 2 copy_zpsivy1awur.jpg
 photo IMG_1597 copy_zpsbdjj8fre.jpg
 photo IMG_1595 2 copy_zpswpml8vjp.jpg
#So much choices, and we decided to order 1 + 1 sides for sharing (3 of us btw!)

 photo IMG_1610 copy_zps9ijl184h.jpg#scramble egg and pink sausage! :) I really love scramble egg alot, so much that I learned how to make it from my brother! :)

 photo IMG_1607 copy_zpsreoethvh.jpg
#we ordered the Puffy Garden Omelette! :)

 photo IMG_1613 copy_zpsnhmnssic.jpg
#I wish they given us more of the topping so that it will taste even better! :) The centre part was great, where the ingredient is. But the side was a little plain, if only its a little more topping and spread across will be very delicious! :)

 photo IMG_1620 copy_zpsln8lsoff.jpg
#check out the side view of the pancake! :)

 photo IMG_1608 copy_zpsjz7fr6h0.jpg
#This came together with Bacons, Salad, Sausage Patty, Pancake too! :)

 photo IMG_1616 copy_zpsmxr1hvpl.jpg
#we were told to cut it into half and flip it over to eat it together! :)

 photo IMG_1619 copy_zpsv7gwnpsa.jpg
#after cutting it, the souffleed pancake with egg is so puffy!

 photo IMG_1612 copy_zpstnkhq4ot.jpg


 photo IMG_1625 copy_zpsgdqxqrsp.jpg
#Itaewon Station Exit 4 and walk straight :)
 photo IMG_1626 copy_zpsgl8ox3mq.jpg
#Take a bus from the bus stop at Hamilton Hotel :)
 photo IMG_1627 copy_zpssnuuc4sg.jpg
#Take 110B, and alight at the Hannam-Dong (6th Stop), do listen carefully to the announcement in the bus :)

 photo IMG_1586 copy_zpspdafo6ni.jpg
#You will alight here! :)  Walk straight to cross the road to the opposite side (right side as per this photo!)

 photo IMG_1590 copy_zpse0mivmnd.jpg
#Cross the road to the opposite side, and turn right and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_1588 2 copy_zpsoj6h1ofg.jpg
#manage to get a shot while waiting for the traffic light hehe! So yeah~~

 photo IMG_1591 copy_zpsfiq3ekuz.jpg
 photo IMG_1605 copy_zpsu8v5xpaa.jpg

팬케익오리지날스토리 Pancake Original Story
Address: 서울시 용산구 한남동 261-6
Address in English: 261-6 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Operation Hours: Weekdays: 8:00am to 10pm / Sat: 8:00am – 3:00pm / Sun 9:00am – 3:00pm
Tel: 02-794-0508
Wifi Available/ PW: Pancakes#1



  1. Somin Bach

    I go to Itaewon pretty often and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this place yet!! I’m definitely gonna check it out because a) i love pancake b) i love brunch!

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