[Prelude] Day Trip to Daejeon

[Travel in October/November 2016]

I have been wanting to share this Day Trip to many of you but I have been really tired and busy at work. And, I will doing my last holiday in year end so, I hope I can share this before I fly πŸ™‚

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This is what I wrote before I left for my year end trip on 18 December, and more than a month later, I realise I have yet posted it! :/ So let me start doing it now and hoping my day trip to Daejeon will be up soon.Β 

My friend and I have been really excited about sharing this Day Trip with everyone because the cafe we visited is really worth visiting. It’s really pretty and we really can’t stop taking photo of it. We definitely miss it. I want to be back! πŸ™‚

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 photo IMG_4081 copy_zpszlujwjej.jpg#my favourite royal milk tea with cin’s banana milk + the mon chou chou swiss roll from osaka (which is er, soso lor! haha)

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The Sky Park is a mini outdoor observation deck for us to overview the city of Daejeon. Aside from this, we also visited their very very famous bakery too. More on that later πŸ™‚

Some background story!

We planned to go Busan+Masan as well, so we bought this Flexible 2 Day Pass. It’s very cost saving because KTX ticket is really expensive, and both of us actually spent only $120 on 5 KTX rides.

How to use Korail Pass?
First, purchase the best pass for your travel online. Next, collect it at the Korail Station. For our Flexible 2 Day Pass, we get to pick any 2 days within 10 days for our travel dates. This mean, you need to pre-plan your trip properly to know when you want to travel. At the Korail Station, you have to share the date of travel as they needed this information before giving us the pass. So, you just collected your Korail Pass!

I want to buy KTX Ticket with the Pass?
What I usually did is, go to the KTX Station earlier because its always good to start your day trip earlier πŸ™‚ So, we will reach Seoul Station (KTX Station) earlier so we can have more preference on the timing too. We have to queue and exchange our pass for the booking of tickets. We will then select our timing of our ride and its all depend on the remaining tickets (but usually not much of an issue! especially we always reached there by 6am)

This procedure might make many confuse, but its actually very easy – Buy ur Pass online, Collect the Pass before your travel date, and use the Pass to buy your KTX ticket.

3 thoughts on “[Prelude] Day Trip to Daejeon”

  • Hi HELLOSIHUI! Thanks for the info! Just confused about the flexi pass. Say I’m traveling from Seoul to Busan for 3 days, can I get the flexi 2 days tickets as “return” tickets from Seoul to Busan and Busan to Seoul? Does it work that way or a cheaper way to travel to Busan? Thanks if you could help me on this! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Hi! Yes, you can get the flexi 2 days return pass, and I think it’s still cheaper (saver ticket) than getting the ticket on the spot per trip. I remembered paying more than 100USD for both ticket back in 2011. Unless you can get really good pricing air ticket to fly to Busan, if not, I always prefer KTX more than plane πŸ™‚

      — Bus will take about 6 hours to city of busan, it’s really tiring haha.
      — Busan KTX station will be right in the city which is a better choice compare to the airport of Busan. But if you can get a return ticket at 50USD, maybe can consider this πŸ™‚

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