North New Zealand Accommodation 2017

[Travel in October – November 2017] 

I have receive many emails regards to share the AIRBNBs during my NZ trip back in 2017. I will be sharing more about the stay in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, you can take a look at my NZ trip here –

Please use my invite link  β€“

Auckland (AIRBNB):

 photo 20171018_110253-01 copy_zpswc6dtoyk.jpg
 photo IMG_0187 copy_zpsgrvrfoqk.jpg

Favourable Factors:

  • Cool camp car experience especially, if you did not have a caravan during your trip.
  • Unforgettable night especially if is a raining day haha

Unfavourable Factors:

  • Toilet and Bathroom located at another building (Owner house)
  • Its quite pitch dark at night, might feel a little scary haha

Rotorua (AIRBNB)

 photo 20171018_192118-01 copy_zpsuw4detgk.jpg
 photo 20171018_194111-01 copy_zpsl18lzbfy.jpg
 photo 20171018_191844-01 copy_zpsp2q2nvju.jpg

Favourable Factors:

  • Kitchen available
  • Mcdonald and Petrol Station within 5 mins drive
  • Convenient Store within 5mins drive

Unfavourable Factors:

  • A very gigantic house (might be scary to you haha)
  • Staying together with the owner (but different level)
  • Kitchen located at level 2 (where owner staying)


 photo IMG_0500 copy_zpsacyvwkvo.jpg
 photo IMG_0501 copy_zps9321pp6t.jpg
 photo IMG_0502 copy_zpssxc1yuhp.jpg
 photo IMG_0507 copy_zpskribowdl.jpg
 photo IMG_0503 copy_zpsupspvjdz.jpg

Favourable Factors:

  • In the centre of Taupo
  • Very pretty and comfortable houses
  • Cafes and restaurants are all around the area
  • Pretty houses


 photo IMG_0560 copy_zpsdeyf8lsn.jpg
 photo IMG_0562 copy_zps1kgxxtgc.jpg
 photo IMG_0553 copy_zpsowxyawpa.jpg
 photo IMG_0564 copy_zpswshdk2p7.jpg
 photo IMG_0570 copy_zpsywm1on7n.jpg
 photo IMG_0577 copy_zpswsab4jwb.jpg
Meal that was prepared during our stay!
 photo IMG_0583 copy_zpso4azbsis.jpg
Meal that was prepared during our stay!

Favourable Factors:

  • Away from Plymouth but peaceful location
  • Pretty house with a view
  • Laundry with the help of our host

Unfavourable Factors:

  • After parking (outside the house), you might have to drag your luggages up a stairs to reach your room. But we solve it by pre-packed our stuff in our hand-carry every few days so no dragging of luggages! πŸ™‚


AirWe booked the airbnb with a label as The Castle (in Lower Hutt), to find out its designed by a well-known New Zealand architect Ian Athfield. P.S. Ian Athfield is really famous with his work especially – Wellington Central Library, Jade Stadium in Christchurch, and even Bangkok rapid transport system.

 photo IMG_0655 copy_zpsnce1sqp0.jpg
 photo IMG_0654 copy_zpspr3ocra5.jpg
 photo IMG_0650 copy_zpshrju1kg0.jpg
 photo IMG_0651 copy_zpsr6wmu9vh.jpg
 photo IMG_0652 copy_zpsx5x9nz2v.jpg

Favourable Factors:

  • Castle looking house
  • Big bathtub and big area for shower

Unfavourable Factors:

  • Steep staircase
  • The parking is walkable distance from our “castle”
  • The house is just too big with 3-4rooms.

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