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카페 앤아더 Cafe &Other x Seoul Forest + Understand Avenue

[Travel in March / April 2018]

This time round, I will be sharing with you, how to spend a day (or maybe half a day) at Seoul Forest! We will be heading to a container mall followed by a slow stroll at Seoul Forest and end at one of the most instagram-worthy cafe in seongsu area 🙂 So, let’s go!~~

Let’s start with Under Stand Avenue! 🙂

It seems to have many ideas in plan when having Understand Avenue. Mainly for entrepreneurs and artists who wanted to share their innovation right here. But it’s pretty quiet when I visited in the afternoon. 

A total of 116 colourful containers that you doesn’t want to miss any photo opportunity. My cousin and I had a great time taking ootd :p

Another photo-opp, this is apparently a stage for performances too!
Understand Avenue also has many different cafes, restaurants and even exhibitions.
Posing for yet another instagram-worthy picture!

Head over to Seoul Forest

This Seoul Forest is one of the largest park in Seoul city opened in 2005! Apparently, Seoul Forest has been a royal ground for the royalty and served as a military inspection facility. But for now, many people visited the park for family bonding and spending time with their loves one over picnics. I am very sure I didn’t explore the entire park as it’s about 180K pyeong big which consist of 5 different type of parks.

Remembered the big one at Hangang River here 🙂

Next: 카페 앤아더 Cafe &Other  (which located next to Seoul Forest!)

Cafe &Other is yet another instagram-worthy cafe that is so pretty in every single detail.

Very interesting concept looking cafe
Outdoor seats look really breathtaking but probably too cold for us
Order time! 🙂
heading to level 2
the view from level 2, the pool is one of the attractions! 🙂
As well as the igloo seating area, which remind me a lot of the igloo hotel in Finland.
we order the original cheesecake, which has a distinct flavour.
The delicate cheese taste is definitely not overpowering and yet retain the rich taste.

My cousin ordered their green tea latte, while I had strawberry latte. I am definitely particular when it comes to strawberry latte, I love it when they used fresh strawberry instead of colour flavouring. The freshness of the strawberry definitely the reason why it’s taste sweet from it’s fruit. I have to say, it’s indeed satisfying 🙂

Direction to Under Stand Avenue + Seoul Forest x 카페앤아더 &Other

Seoul Forest Station Exit 3, turn right
Turn right, here 😉
walk all the walk straight! 🙂
reached – Understand Avenue, continue straight
yeah continue straight
continue to walk straight 🙂
cross the road to reach Seoul Forest 🙂
continue to walk straight
continue to walk straight
turn right here 🙂
continue to walk straight!
cross the road and turn right
continue to walk straight and turn left
right here, walk straight and… 🙂
You reached this beautiful cafe!
and you reached 🙂

카페앤아더 &Other

Address: 서울시 성동구 성수동1가 668-104번지
Operation Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm
Nearest Subway: Seoul Forest Station Exit 3

Overall Rating: 7/10
Amount Spent: ~30USD
My Recommendations: Strawberry Latte, Cheesecake
Best Part: Ambience, Instagram-worthy

Will I come back? Yes! 


  • Spend more times at the park since there’s 5 different concept-theme parks
  • Great to spend a good 4hours for the whole of Seoul Forest experience (include cafe)

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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