Summer Hokkaido 2018 – Day 2: Ningle Terrace

[Travel in August 2018]

We took the Furano Kururu Go: Rokugo Course previously and alighted at Ningle Terrace. It’s the last ride over, and we managed to google there’s a bus stop nearby to ride out back to the station. (more about that later)

I was excited to head over Ningle Terrace because of the beautiful lighted up cottages in a mini forest. It feel like a little village with some romantic atmosphere.

All this little cottages house handcrafts from local artist. It’s quite nice to have a visit to all these cottages and take a look at different arts and crafts since I am a designer haha! Oh, we also happened to see a few couple doing their wedding shoot here, perfectly pretty – just a little too warm in the summer haha.

Oh, Ningle Terrace is located at New Furano Prince Hotel (near the resort area). Which will be a perfect place to stay during winter for their skiing and snow festival too! 🙂

with all this handcraft items in each individual cottage
little forest 🙂
because everyone take a photo, so i did that too haha!
I think this is the only one coffee house here! 🙂
self-taken, not bad haha!

So, when we wanted to head back, we realise the bus “is no longer service”. Not very sure about this, because we checked with the Hotel’s staff. But they kindly booked a cab for us, because that’s the only way to leave the hotel. Eventually, we decided to cab over to the dinner place (located probably 8 mins walk away from the station). Our fare work out to be 20USD for 12 mins ride. haha!

Ningle Terrace @ New Furano Prince Hotel

Address: Nakagoryo, Furano, Hokkaido 076-8511, Japan

Furano Kururu Go: Rokugo Course

Operation Period: July 10, 2018 – August 10 2018 (Weekday Only, 1pm-6pm)
Adult: 3,000 Yen / 30USD

There’s some changes in 2019 schedule. I just checked! 🙂

2019 Schedule
July 6, 2019 – August 10 2019 (Weekday only)
Adult: 4,000 Yen / 40USD
Child: 3,000 Yen / 30USD

Tmark City Hotel (Sapporo)
Hostel Tomar (Furano)

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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