SUMMER HOKKAIDO 2018 – DAY 3: Tomita Melon House

[Travel in August 2018]

Heading to the Melon House next to the Tomita Farm. Everyone knows, fruits in Japan taste extremely juicer and yummy, can’t wait for our melon date haha!

Pass by this beautiful display
went around in the flower heaven

Tomita Melon House

all sort of melons
melon desserts!
and we got ourselves some snacks! the melon very sweet!
Corns! Sweet yummy corns! 🙂

time to head back furano
took a train to this station and took back to furano
sunflower so big haha!


Actually, Furano Marche, is pretty nothing much. It’s a little like a food court with a few different cafes and eatery. But, nothing famous, probably one of the last place you should had your meal haha!

Headed Furano Marche today for a simple meal!
Like many other ramen shop, we had to order from the machine.
order a ramen to share
and a fried cheese stick haha!

And we went back to our hostel and get ready for the fireworks display, viewing from our hostel roof! 🙂

Tomita Melon House at Furano

Address: 3-32 Miyamachi, Nakafuranochou, Sorachigun, Hokkaido
Contact: 0167-39-3333

Tmark City Hotel (Sapporo)
Hostel Tomar (Furano)

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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