Macau D03 – with our Hongkong relatives

[Travel in May 2019]

Once I checked in on Facebook, my HongKong cousin texted me and asked us to go over to HongKong since we were at Macau for holiday. We insisted not to do so, because we know they will be stopped all their works and spent time with us, and paying everything. Guess what, they just come over and tell us, they already on their way HAHAHHAHAA! Our very naughty HongKong cousin! HAHA!

They made reservation – very fast hor!
the presentation is very on the point too!
sea cucumber! my favourite!
Roasted stuff to be really everyone favourite in HK right!
buddha jump over the wall!
scallops and broccoli – my another favourite!
claypot worth of goodies!
salted egg prawns!
steam fish, hk style – my favourite! OMG
tofu also my favourite!!!
yummy noodles – so so so much of foods!
us and our relatives! HK x SG at Macau!
We went for a quick walk together, before they rushing off for the ferry back to HK
pretty, finally not a raining day!
that 8 is ferris wheel!
one photo for gugu! she go paris before, but she wanna this picture leh haha
walking around the malls
quiet because it’s late haha
They really make the entire place very europe

Dynasty 8

Address: A|X Macau Cotai Central Sands

Canon M3

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