KOREA 2024: Rain Report Croissant (Seongsu)

[Travel in March 2024]

My first stop for the trip was at an official café. The previous day was filled with errands, during which my cousin and I did a lot of shopping and treated ourselves to a refreshing hair treatment, all to prepare for a great week ahead in Korea.

I was thrilled when this café opened in Itaewon. I wondered if the Itaewon branch was already crowded, so I opted to visit the newest outlet in Seoul – Seongsu.

When a café is popular and shared by many, you often wonder if it will be too crowded or overwhelming. Let’s see if you feel the same after reading this post!

when we stepped into the cafe…

the menu look so nice!

Their coffee menu actually look super good, wish I drink coffee too haha


I want this and that and this and that!

the seating area really great!

even have such comfy area!

the rain is drizzling haha, almost cant catch it haha

of cos we have to sit at this area haha

all looking at the tree and rains haha (if you choose to sit here)

spot the expensive oven haha

put in the over for 2 mins!

the expensive oven, first time get to try leh!!!

This is before baking!

Earl Grey peach Croffin, Some Bird-Nest croissant, Butter Slab Croissant

The butter slab croissant WAS SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!! I must tell you all to order this next trip! 🙂

Peach-Apple Tea, Sesame Latte, Chocolate Latte – The drinks are really good.

Pretty drink!


Direction to Rain Report Croissant (레인리포트 크루아상)

Seongsu station exit 3, and walk straight

Continue to walk straight

Cross the road and continue to walk straight

Continue to walk straight

Turn right here

Continue to walk straight

Continue to walk straight

Continue to walk straight

Continue to walk straight

turn left here!

Continue to walk straight

Here you go, walk right in

very underwhelming i know, but continue! 🙂

You reached! 🙂

Why does coffee taste good on a rainy day? – so does milk tea too haha

There’s a thai-fushion restaurant here too (remind me of this restaurant at phuket)

which you will take a boat over haha

to the restaurant

the feel looks not bad



Rain Report Croissant (레인리포트 크루아상)

Address: 32 Seongsui-ro 16-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact:  +82 70-4288-1269
Nearest Subway Station: Seongsu Exit 3
Operating Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

Give the butterslab croissant a try; it’s incredibly delicious! This cafe stood out as everyone’s favorite during the trip. Initially, I had low expectations, but it exceeded them by far. The coffee they serve is also excellent.

To secure a specific seat, it might be wise to arrive a bit early, as it could get crowded after the lunch rush! 🙂

Overall Rating: 8/10

Air Tickets
Singapore > Incheon: Korean Air Ticket – SGD891.40
Gimpo > Cheju: Korean Air Ticket – SGD177.99

Brown Suites Hotel Sinchon Central
Room Type: Deluxe Double Room City View – SGD412.24 (3 Nights)
~ SGD137.40 per night / SGD68.70 per night per pax

L7 Hongdae
Room Type: Standard Double Room – SGD1,584.78 (2 Nights 2 Rooms)
~ SGD396.195 per night / SGD198 per night per pax

Jeju Airbnb
Room Type: Landed with 2 Bedroom – SGD903.44 (3 Nights)
~ SGD301 per night / SGD75.25 per night per pax

Airport Transfer 6002 Bus Limousine: 17,000won
Private Transport: Kakao Taxi and payment via Youtrip
Within Seoul: T-Money
Car Rental with Insurance: SGD439.56 (via Lotte Car Rental)

Camera Canon R50, Go Pro 12 Hero, iPhone 14 Pro Max

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#hellosihuigoeskorea for Korea travels

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