♥ Fun Eat Buy Leisure @ Taiwan 2009 ♥

It’s my first trip to Taiwan, first trip with friend, first trip with Teng! 🙂 We anticipated a lot, waited long for this day to arrive. We are really excited and happy that we are going for a 6 days trip to Taiwan. Teng told me her objective of this trip, and I intend to add in some ‘tourist’ spots as well 🙂 So, here we off to Taiwan for 6 days!

// It’s a repost, I would like to leave a footprint in my current blog as well 🙂


Less than 1 month ago (its suppose to be a march entry), we booked our Air Tickets via Alvin’s Agency. and guess what? We BOOKED SQ Airline. I can imagine myself sleep in my dreams, while the pretty Air Stewardess helped me to cover with blanket. (Don’t say im dreaming okay, because, it is shown on TV ADV) haha 😛 I’m kind of excited because, it’s MY FIRST TIME to Taiwan. and is MY FIRST TIME travelling with my friend!!! *excited* ever since that day we book the tickets, i have been keep smiling to myself every now and then! if you notice that i have been laughing to myself, now you know why 😛

i wanted a best friend trip since im in secondary 3. how long it takes to make it real? but at least it come true! 🙂 and i haven pay the ticket till few days before the flight that why i always so unsure about am i really going or not… but i already took my leaves and let my parents know. changing money is the exciting part! you knew it gonna be true! (i always feel nothing is real until you really got it den i will really feel for it!!)

So, Mr Alvin even tricked me… he called me via his office number… and usually i can recongise his voice but he was saying he is from NTUC income and i thought the sales was trying to sell me some insurance or stuff which im currently not interested at all! and till he mention that will have free tickets! I zitao tell him that sorry i not interested either! (haha! that why those who wanted to cheat my money also difficult, i never believe in that… haha!) He repeatedly mention about the FREE TICKETS! and i commented something like “but, i dun have much leave for me to go oversea either! thanks but i really not interested”and then, i realise he is actually ALVIN!!

Anyway, just like 4 days before the flight… I went to PAY for all the FLIGHT TICKETS! 😀

Prepare myself for almost every single thing 🙂 and i know im going to be crazily enjoy there. no one will able to spoil my mood. and teng will continue to scold me fun-ily.. haha 😛 and i will be busy laughing back at her… and we both will be exploring taiwan together!

Taiwan here we come!!!!! 😛

Day 1
(28 March 2009) : From Singapore to Taiwan

We wanted to have breakfast at Airport that day 🙂 So, we decided to check in early and have a good yummy breakfast hehe. and i wake up early (not sure wad time since i only start to blog like weeks after i come back haha!) and give teng a wake up call haha 🙂 and she come down and fetch me from her place via cabby!!

while in cab, i take out my camera to take pictures… the very very first thing it could happen. MY BATTERY IS FLAT when i just charge it last night!!! super duper low moral! things really can turn bad even i haven been to airport yet! 🙁

So, when reached we went to check in first… oh ya, we are at terminal 3. COOL RIGHT! My first time to Taiwan, first time travelling with a friend and… FIRST at T3!! you guys gonna envy us like crazy i know!!!! but i still going crazy about the battery cant be use… i keep wondering how and what can i do imagine no camera when you are oversea? it’s driving me mad totally! but finally decide to buy the battery after checked in 🙂

So, we relaxing and have our breakfast at macdonald! hehe 🙂 i love breakfast till max 😛

i love my shade 🙂

our delicious breakfast 🙂

best friend
best sister
who is going to taipei with me 🙂
endure my siaoness for 6 days! HAHA!

taking the skytrain to terminal 3
after eating mac at terminal 2 haha 🙂

getting in 🙂

me and teng 🙂

and guess wad? T3 are out of stock!!!! they dun have it, so i have to take a internal skytrain to T2!!! and lucky i manage to found it. it’s 79 dollar. I SPEND BEFORE I TOOK A PLANE! my god. but is a worth while because im going to snap non stop at TAIWAN!!! 😛

internal sky train 🙂


we have alot of this kind of shot. thot this could be the nicest 🙂

Went back to T3 to board the Plane 🙂 Was pretty excited to get a seat by the window.. so we can see whats going on throughout the flight 😛 and i was excitedly tell tengshang that this time, im gonna choose international food after looking at the menu, and very sure it wun turn out the same just like the time i sat for silk air 🙂

got this angmo so friendly…
he saw us taking picture and often to help us take.
so nice of him lor!! 🙂

window seat yeah!

the menu

and here come the pretty air stewardess asking what kind of cuisine we would like to have 😛 and the most unwanted thing have happen!!! THEY LEFT WITH ONE CHOICE EACH!! how can this happen in SQ? my god!

HOW CAN HOW CAN! things can just go wrong anytime anywhere haha 😛 first the camera battery now the food! OH MAN! anyway, we have dessert this time round haha and it’s MAGNUM!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAGNUM MAN! 😛

and i realise tat the window have some “particle” and i was quite curious what it is! HAHA.. might be ice! HAHA ICE ICE BABY ICE ICE BABY! 😛

and we are on top of taiwan already!!! I’M WAVING TO TAIWAN 🙂

hello taiwan 🙂

and guess who i saw when we reached the AIRPORT?? it’s WUZUN, YAN YA LUN!!! 😛 im kind of excited so i did take picture with them! DON’T ENVY OKAY!! you got your chance too! HAHA 😛

wuzun 🙂

fei lun hai haha!

taking our luggage 🙂

we went to buy bus ticket around 90NT each
and get our trip to taipei from taoyuan
it took about 1.5hr i guess!
alot of funny sign when we took the bus
we even see fake guy who guide the road. HAHA!

and we got our luggage and took the bus to Taipei Railway to meet Chris 🙂 We pay 90NT to get from Taoyuan to Taipei, which is kind of cheap already 🙂 As we sat off from the aiport, we keep laughing at their signage and everything non stop!! HAHA 😛

Taipei Railway Station

As we are not familiar and is the first time we are here, i will look around in the bus 😛 while ms ching ching had her beauty sleep 🙂 And, we alight at Taipei Railway. Since we are early, we went around to see, and we bought our first buy @ a magazine store!! We make a big mistake by thinking it is 88NT, and we happily wanna get a few magazine till we make our payment then we realise is 12% discount (88 zhe). MY GOD! kana cheated haha 🙁

As we are already HUNGRY! we decided to get a small bite from MR MISTER DONUT which seems to be very famous at Taiwan. and both of us find it okok only! HAHA 😛 (we still feel that J-CO donut is the best hehe).

After which, we manage to find Chris already! hehe 🙂 then, we took a cab back home. from my understanding from Chris, if we on call cab will be cheaper than flag one by the roadside. it’s so different comparing to Singapore. haha 😛 so even you saw the cab in front of you, you still will ON CALL a cab 😛 Basically, i found that the cab drivers are pretty friendly! HAHA 😛

Reached her place i was like WHOA! NICE! OMG! then put down luggages and get ourselves ready for a night out at XI MEN DING 😛 it’s drizzling at night also… On call CAB again because of the discount haha! and here we GO! We are at XIMENDING already!!!

Chris intro some small snacks… *yummy yum yum*and we bought a HIPHOP cap too! haha 😛 come on! yo yo check it out! sihui in taipei yo! sihui in taipei yo! 😛

nice right 🙂 nice place keke!

know what is this?
nice nice nice like crazy!

this is very nice!!!!

SUPER NICE BUT last pic in my first day at taipei 🙂

Headed home. have a good hot bath because is freaking COLD at taipei with the weather of 16degree in the morning and 13degree at night!!! after bathing… a DAI DEE time with Chris & Teng and yes, im the one who give out the card most of the time because… I LOSE MOST OF THE TIME!!! haha 😛

Poker Card is i ask for a little souvenir from SIA while having a flight to Taiwan 🙂 and teng on her itouch and sing along while we slowly fall asleep near 3am 😛

Sweet Sweet Dream 🙂

Day 2
(29 March 2009) : TaiPei 101 + NYNY + Shopping + Night Market + Nearly-IDOL-Closeup

Yawning early with alarm clock keep ringing at 9am. the lazy body of mine definitely able to move super fast and have a good wash up 🙂 straight after a good wash up, i read my initerinary again to ensure everything will fall nicely… after much rest… i went in to have a good HOT bath on a COLD morning! 🙂 after which, i wake ms ching ching up!

(i’m so excited till i wanted to shout “I LOVE TAIWAN” lol)

While ms ching went over to wash up, i check the Day 2 schedule and ensure everything goes well today (must really remember the routes and everything well keke) after that, i watch my show via itouch also! HAHA 😛 and.. around 11am got the help of Chris for ON CALL cab… we headed down to take the cab to the METRO 🙂

in the cab 🙂

both of us in the cab 😛

KunYang Stop 🙂

with the station name haha!

teng and me 🙂

the train… beep beep!

in train 🙂

their priority seat!
i think is a good way 🙂
NO ONE “dare” to sit haha!

can eat sandwiches haha!

And we reached Kunyang station 🙂 and we spotted something… haha!! There’s quite a scene in the train… I really respect them as well 🙂 They will never thought of sitting down at those piority seat. They really prepare the seat for the people who need it more than anyone… *respect respect* and we alight here 🙂 Taipei City Hall 🙂

as usual shot with my twist 🙂

it’s 16 degree with little rain and BIG WIND! it’s crazily COLD!

in the middle of the road HAHA!

me and the bicycle. this is kind of interesting
you can actually rent the bicycle here and cycle around haha!

teng with the bicycle!

as we leave the house with empty stomach.. so we decide to take some snack 🙂
because we all know that…. our lunch will be a little late 😛
she look like as if she is dancing to her beat hor!
cooking dancing 傻傻的不清楚

First Stop: Taipei 101

On the way to Taipei 101 😛 (the 101 remind me of the beijing 101 song.. it keep running in my brain like always as RADIO been playing non stop! HAHA!) GOT our tickets and here we goes to the highest building in the world (at this moment before Burj Dubai get completion in september 2009!) So, the next thing we know….. we reached the top in less than 1minutes! like WHOA! 😛

Snapping Snapping yo yo!

look like raffles city hor. HAHA!

im excited just like how you see! LOL!

queue for tickets 🙂

was told that the sky is not clear. but we are already here so we go ahead 🙂

touching the top!

the night 🙂

our tickets 🙂

in the lift!

every fast we reached 🙂
got lift girl somemore!
nice. is still bery clear 🙂

top of taipei. i can see the whole taipei 🙂

where my family friends and loves 🙂

can see me? HAHA!

us with 101 🙂

still on top of 101. level 89. taking a shot.
but we look the same HAHAHA!
dun look like as if we are on top. like a casual shot haha!

im on the sky ground watever LOL!

in the dark in the dark haha

top of 91!

tat me obviously!


see how strong is the wind! LOL!

queuing to go back 🙂

ask someone nice to take for us keke! 🙂

cross junction i like 🙂
dun need to cross 2 time. haha!

Next Stop: New York New York!

Outside NYNY 🙂
Saw my paper bag?
it say ” I ♥ New York New York”
CUTE :)i think i got bring back to SG 🙂
at first i tot he is fake. cos there is alot of fake ppl LOL!
till he moved den we noe he is real haha!

Not much photos on NYNY but we got our buys there! It’s a shopping mall like Taka with lots of different bontiques from Muji to all kinds of their own label too! Besides, Gucci, Chanel, Agnes B was their favourite too! Things are really expensive over there… But, we got ourselves the POPULAR TW LABEL – PIZZA CUT FIVE! 🙂 I got 2 tee one for myself and one for my brother! 🙂 it’s a waste that i only get one… when i came back from taiwan.. i wish i get more! LOL!!

Next stop: Wu Fen Pu Whole Sale Market
(it’s not as wholesale as we thought!)

Before getting there, we need to full our stomach with food as we have not been eating anything since we woke up! HAHA! and we went to the famous 胡须张濡肉饭! it’s our first time eating that. YUMMY YUM YUM!!! 😛

with hungry stomach, saw this is the BEST!
food here we come haha 😛
entrance. they have a hailer.
super funny. same tone of 欢迎观临

our food is here liao! YEAH! 🙂

very nice!

tofu that is so smooth 🙂

and after which, shopping time! 🙂 not much photos there, cos we are busy buying stuff… i got some clothes for my brother’s & gf… clothes are not as cheap as we thought…

entrance. haha den no more picture because
we are all busy walking around carrying lots of plastic bag!

sometimes, online spree seems to be more cheap also. but Wu Fen Pu was really big haha!!

Next stop: Rao He Jie Night Market.

entrance 🙂


lots of flavour to choose from.


甜不辣 okok nia 😛

As it was drizzling…when we reached, the place was not fully setup… so, we just walk around and have little bite here and there 🙂 which includes the 甜不辣 and 大雞排. though it was not the popular and branded one over there, it’s still taste good. especially the 大雞排. we have 2 kind of favouring cheese + some vege or whatever forget already! but was kind of yummy!

temple outside night market.

before getting in cab 🙂

Next stop: Xi Men Ding
(the popular place among youngster!)

did i mention that my boot spoil? MY GOD!
so i wear my spare shoe here! keke!

me and teng. here quite nice but i dunno why photo cant justify haha!

As we are in a big bag, we thought it will be better if we went back to Chris place first before we head down to Xi Men Ding as we really fully walked around last night 🙂

while waiting for teng 🙂

And Teng got her first oversea hair cut at ximending! 🙂 They are so patience and have massage her hair like for at least 2 times… and help her to set her hair before she leave the place! but, i think the photo dun justify it because they help her with perming! anyway, the girls there are pretty soft-spoken and the hair dresser was quite pretty too! i love their hair… why taiwanese girl always have good hair day everyday! HAHA 😛

After that, we walked around.. get some sweeties for my family & friends 🙂 and… not forgetting a good 大头贴 though it seems to be the same but well, IT IS TAKEN AT TAIPEI XIMENDING!! haha 🙂

selecting. choosing haha 🙂

the outcome so chio! LOL!

we try our luck but well, we didn’t manage to catch one! LOL!

why not 黄靖伦?

kind of lame but excited and happy! and i make a point that we MUST eat their 阿宗面线 since is so so popular!

everyone is eating and standing there.

dun see small small bowl. is very FULL!!!

yummy yum yum! haha 🙂 i think is good and nice :)!

and with the help of some kind-hearted taiwanese we manage to find our way there! HAHA 😛 and, we ate there standing just like everyone! must have the good FEEL ma! haha 🙂 Before we left, we took a picture with the help of Chris. Oh ya, she joined us to go home together HAHA 😛

teng spotted some gays here. :X

alot of show shoot here yo!
e.g. ying ye 3 + 1

me and teng 🙂

chris and teng 🙂

We also went over to 红楼剧场 where i heard there is lots of PUB and is GAY PUB around. We din’t went in, just walking around since it is at XI MEN DING area! HAHA 🙂 Have some small bites before I SPOTTED people coming out of a underground pub and a WHITE VAN!

having some bite.
teng say auntie scold cos they nv eat finish. LOL!
this one is like the most IN food in taiwan ah?
alot of ppl like to eat this haha!

so it seems to be like celebrity kind of thing… so, i KPO and walk across the street to see! and… i actually ask the girl who is beside me… “Who’s that?” and guess what she say? “MAYDAY!” so, i kind of excited… and shout to teng & chris about it! HAHA 😛 so, we patiencely waited for at least 30minutes and they haven LEFT!!!!


since, chris’s dad & mum wanna bring us back to save up the cab fare… HAHA, we totally missed to see Mayday! HAHA!

A photo of the BIG WHITE VAN before we left!

It’s the end of our 2nd day! SO FAST!!! 🙁

Have a good HOT BATH & DAIDEE-ing again before sleeping.. I think we sleep like around 3am or so! LOL!!! Tmr will be a Label Day 😛

goodnight everyone!

buy buy buy 🙂

Day 3
(30 March 2009) : NYNY + Street Label Brand + Shihlin

As usual, I woke up early just like yesterday.. i dun need to repeat the story again right? if you really want… read this HAHA!! So all the dee de da da stuff and get enough clothing though I DIN BRING MUCH ALSO! i only have the jacket i wore at office which i will still feel freaking cold in office.. good luck to myself with 16degrees + BIG COLD WIND! haha 😛

outside chris’ condo 🙂
i worn my new boot!
teng outside chris condo 🙂
teng worn her new shoe as well!

We headed down to NYNY once again.. to check on the Vans shoe we previously looking at already! 😛 As it’s a Monday… Shopping Mall din open as early as it is.. BUT, we sat at their MacDonald to have our breakfast! 🙂 Choose the one that we can’t find in SG and also.. it’s HOT, because they only make it when you order. FRESH AND HOT! haha 😛 this macdonald was use for some drama series HAHA 😛

nice mac. but smal. but nice. alot of drama like to show here 🙂

burger (i nearly type bigger lol)
it’s grilled chicken. not bad.
is nice 🙂
slurp right slurp LOL!

and YES! we got our VANS s

this time round… we GOT it! it’s quite a good buy at SGD58! For people who love street wear, im sure you guys should have an idea how expensive it is? My brother’s normal pair cost him SGD135 already! and i got it like less than half of it. im so proud of it. but thanks to ms ching ching asking me to pamper myself if not i gonna regret because i love it so much now! 😛

similar right? HAHA! look at the hair my hair! it’s so messy
and WHY? cos is very BIG WIND!!!

recongise? 101 wor! see carefully!

still 16 degree. cold 🙂

I suggested we should try another route back to the MRT station because, i thought we could or might miss out anything also! LOL! 😛 and we found my sister’s shop! wanted to get my nails done but they need to have like…. appointment and today was already fully booked! like WHOA! i need to tell my sister that i should have benefit again! 😛

sis’s shop 🙂

Next Stop: Label Street Brand…

the train 🙂

station name.

bazaar. factory outlet. too bad dun have the shoe i like!


got paul frank. nice.
i wanna get this kind of cap actually
but in the end never find something of my liking!

Didn’t eye on anything here.

All Day I Dream About Sihui 🙂
my logo my brand

my car!

im gonna bring this back in the car and DHL to SG 😛
SO CUTE! i LIKE! haha 😛

Took the train to zhong xiao dun hua for a good street label shopping 🙂 and we found ourselves digging clothes at 2percent as there is a discount of 90%! can you imagine? HAHA! it’s crazy! but well, i din get anything but teng got herself goodbuy, short + vest + anymore? HAHA! but i took a picture with the cap which i thought i wanted to get at TW but is no really cheap there.. is a non-discounted item lah! HAHA 😛

After a few shopping venue and walking.. we found ourselves hungry again… and guess where is the next stop?

Next Stop: Mr J Cafe 2.

took the mini bus. teng and me are standing behind haha!
it’s those mini bus you saw from tv (HK show)

i wonder why Jay wanna setup his cafe in a university beside a hospital? LOL!

looking at the menu 🙂
food food here i come!

look familar hor. haha 🙂

yes! the theme is the movie theme 🙂

us us us 🙂

the fake score i believe LOL!

that why i din play.. cos i dun think i want to see jay chou LOL!

the piano i tot was gone? HAHA!




taken some shot before leaving the cafe. LOL!

Sound similar? it’s opened by Mr Jay Chou. HAHA 😛 We took a mini bus like you saw on HK drama. HAHA! it’s only 15dollar everywhere! HAHA 😛 and we walked through the Hospital.. thinking how could the cafe in the hospital… but well, actually is the building besides the hospital which is the medical university! haha… still werid place to have your cafe. Decide to come to Cafe 2 as the setting is Secret the Movie.. I thought it could be rather interesting 🙂 Not ordering too much food also…. and we headed back to MRT station by their free bus since is a hospital (it’s work like at bugis taking to KK hospital haha) and heading to our next stop!

Next Stop: 士林夜市

Funny thing is that we don’t alight at ShiLin stop. We alight a stop earlier.. HAHA 🙂 the train is packed by then… it’s a total different scene you see in the morning. haha and everyone is so tired after work.. heading back home.. i know the feeling as i experience it daily too! HAHA 😛

i like this place 🙂
alot of nice food nice stuff hehe!

🙂 so, before we heading to the night market.. we went ahead to shop first 😀 went around in the cold air i tink was about 13 degree at night! freaking cold.. thinking of the clothes i wear OMG!



anyway, we finally manage to eat the popular 豪大雞排. YUMMY YUM YUM! there is really a BIG DIFFERENT from the one we ate in SG and there. HAHA 😛 I missing it 😛

After all the shop and walk, we headed to the night market to have the popular food! HAHA 😛 i can’t wait for everything! HAHA 😛

they have spelling mistake haha 😛
See the “T” ?

going in to EAT all we can! LOL!

this is how it look inside. crowded with food smell! HAHA!

and this is what we eat! HAHA!!

their ou a jian is so much different from ours! HAHA!

give it a try and seriously,
though is very different from sg’s but they have their feng ge. LOL!

chris & me 🙂

that’s me and teng before we left.
a picture of us in the middle of shihlin 🙂

And before we headed back, we bought ourselves Bubble Milk Tea & 棺材板 back home to have it. HAHA! yummy yum yum! 😛

this is the 棺材板
we choose prawn! haha
not forgetting the main thingy!
we bring back….. and drink! 😀
it’s nice… really! OMG

me happily drinking!

so does teng! HAHA 😛

the stuff again. piling up!
this time i manage to get stuff for everyone…

Again, the bathing with the Dai-Deeing before sleeping.. this time.. did we sleep at 4am? HAHA 😛 we totally fully use the day before anything! HAHA 😛 I thought we suppose to sleep early as tmr is a really really LONG day for us! HAHA 🙂

it’s a exciting trip tmr 🙂

Day 4
(31 March 2009) : Ferris Wheel + Dan Shui + Fisher’s Wharf + Shi Da Night Market + KTV @ Party World

Morning is the usual stuff. so, i wondering if i need to repeat again? or you guys are already know what has happening? but just in case.. if you forget.. here it is again LOL.

陶妈妈 cook us breakfast today 🙂 Nice Breakfast Yeah!

this is wad 陶妈妈 cook for us.
but, lots of seaweeds!
so this bowl u can see lots of seaweeds cos i contribute to teng LOL 😛
me and my breakfast 🙂
i heart breakfast!

teng & breakfast!

As usual, we ask chris to call a cab for us and we headed down to Miramar for their Ferris Wheel. You definitely have an idea how it look like because.. lots of drama feature there before etc the long ago drama by S.H.E – 真命天女 and the latest on-going drama by Da Dong & Rainie – 爱就宅一起.

i have not sit the flyer before 🙂
but yeah, at least i sit ferris wheel at TW
hehe ^^

the place 🙂

As it open at 12. and we reached around 11 plus.
Hence we walked around first 🙂

Me outside 🙂

Teng @ outside 🙂

and guess who we saw at Miramar? It’s Tuan Tuan & Yuan Yuan! (a goodwill gift from china to taiwan!) and of cos, we got to take a picture with them definitely! 😀

Teng with Tuan Tuan!

Me with Yuan Yuan! keke

and we headed up to the Rooftop for the ferris wheel. You can see how siao and excited and crazy we are in the little ferris wheel… HAHA! 😛

Leaving our footprint right here!
while taking this picture hor
i nearly nearly fall down HAHA!
that’s me 🙂
Obviously right? keke!

We ask a security guard to help us take haha!

Self taken 🙂

We can’t wait for our turn!
but actually, there is no one hahaa!TOO EARLY FOR A RIDE!

our tickets 🙂

while waiting for our turn.
you must be guessing why are we waiting when
there is no one except us?
that’s because… we are waiting for this!
the whole capsule tat is transparent!
we are brave dun we? LOL!
im am even brave enough to stand up and have a pic!
it’s moving LOL!

We are so HIGH!

US inside 🙂
cannot see right. like any other pic haha!

a picture of us fast fast when the guy need to get us down
and allow another group to be in.
if not, need 8 mins wait haha!
their supermarket. no different from us 🙂

Next Stop: Leeco

cheat our feeling haha!
no discount and is super expensive!
all their cab have their information right here!
waiting for their bus.
they even have their map here
you know how many stops before you reached!

yes, we board behind, and alight in front.
pay when you reached!
different hor? HAHA!

that me 🙂


where you most pro able to see 5566 etc.

reached the train station
bought our “token”

It’s cheat! Don’t go there next time. HAHA! their warehouse sales and their website dun justify when you reached there. HAHA…. so now you know! LOL! so, we took a bus to the our favourite station – 台北市政府站. almost everyday we will take a bus there! LOL!!

Next Stop: 淡水

From the station we took all the way to 淡水 which is quite far! HAHA 😛 i told ms ching ching she will like the place…. HAHA:P

We went ahead to walk around before Chris and Andy arrived. and I found the reason why ching ching like the place… because.. there is… 烤鸟蛋. HAHA! There plenty of food and etc… more details in photos 🙂

dan shui old street 🙂

we love this man! is super nice 😛

the ice cream 😛

we order the wrong size that why is not as long but
heng cos is not really best! LOL!

this is nice 🙂
sotong HAHA!

this is popular de 🙂
it’s called 阿给
not really very special.
is some tofu thingy inside got tang hun. HAHA

excited to eat right? 😛

remember this?
watch it in 败犬女王
the restaurant that give you pork when you KISS in front of the rest

i saw my zheng yuan chang! HAHA!
there is alot people drawing 🙂

at dan shui station while waiting for chris & andy
does it look like yishun station HAHA!

so, here they come hehe!

chris and me

After which, i realise that, my hp have no reception and ching ching did not bring her hp along.. so, we went back to the train station and realise only there have reception.. so we decided to sit there while waiting for Chris and Andy. While waiting, we saw… this uncle who keep scolding vulgar language non stop! and no one seems to sit beside him… he is rather strange! HAHA! and we sit quite near him… i guess everyone was rather impress that we dare to sit there.. DANGEROUS haha 😛

Next Stop: 渔人码头

going to buy our tickets 🙂

on the way heading!

self taken. 4 of us 🙂

wad are we looking at? we also dunno LOL!

off we go!

and yeah! we reached 🙂

so funny looking right 🙂
on the bridge 🙂

4 of us 🙂

sky getting darker!!

see how cold is the weather?!
the wind is so BIG!

So, we headed to 渔人码头 via Ferry. HAHA 🙂 So, our trip here, we manage to take their Bus, Mini Bus, Ferry, Train and Chris’ dad car. HAHA 🙂 Nothing much there at Yu Ren Ma Tou probably because it is on a weekday! But, the night scene was pretty 🙂 and we took great pictures! HAHA 🙂

we ate the strawberry one hehe!

It’s so cold there 🙁 i was freaking cold. and we took a ferry back to 淡水. And get back to the train to our next stop 🙂

Next Stop: 师大夜市 (which is very popular among the uni student).

deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng
really got music one lei
i was super excited about that!

Because, ching ching mention that their Kong Ba Bao is very nice and different. We din manage to see it at all for the past few days…. So, there’s a craving for that haha! and, we saw it selling outside 师大夜市! OMG OMG!

so much different! SG meat is so much SMALLER!!
and their is so NICE CAN!!!!

It’s like a huge haji lane with food haha 🙂 because of 士林夜市 ou jian. We crave for more! haha 🙂 that why we find ourselves ordering it again! but well, it don’t taste as good as 士林夜市 one. I’m craving for more! OMG!!!

but it dun taste as nice as the one we ate!

not forgetting this
we have this bubble tea
was pretty popular one!

Their shopping here was quite nice but well, the things are also expensive as well. I din’t get anything here except ching ching got some earring etc. HAHA. my expensive ear can’t wear those roadside earring so too bad! HAHA 🙂

And, we manage to eat the famous 臭豆腐 in taipei. Not really the famous outlet but it is a famous delicacy over there. HAHA! As a taiwanese, both Chris and Andy love it. But ching ching hate it. but i wanna try just that i afraid that it really stink like crazy! HAHA 😛

fried one!

soupy one!

i think is nice wor
soup also nice
BUT i think very werid why no stink smell
den i ask chris and andy… they say this is only avg


in the train 🙂

After that, we took back the train to Xi Men Ding and WHY?


the logo is as big as me!

the train 🙂
YEAH! we reached PARTY WORLD!

at their lobby! look like as if is in HOTEL hor?


andy chris teng
and where all the funny photos comes into place
we take non stop!
just a few here haha!
We just reached the ktv room!
4 of us, the room can at least accomdate 9 ppl!

at least some normal picture of me


and both of us 😛

come on start singing!

this is the toilet!
they have private toilet which is so COOL can? HEHE 😛

Yes! We finally go to Partyworld! You might not believe it, but the entire building was only for KTV! it’s look like a hotel but well, it is only for singing! OMG! HAHA 🙂 Service GOOD! I love the idea that toilet is in the room, making thing so much simple! HAHA 🙂 4 of us, but the room was like… for 9 or more people! Generous 🙂

Snapping & Singing time 😀

and…. guess what? the KTV end around 6am in the morning!! and, we are so tired that we decided to take cab back home. While, Andy go back to his home at 新竹 via 高铁. hehe 🙂

Headed back home. and get a tiny little sleep and…

Day 5
(1 April 2009) : Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang + Wu Fen Po + Dinner with Chris’s Family + Shilin Night Market

By right we suppose to go to 九分. But due to we got to meet Chris’s Family for a dinner around 5pm at her place, we did not have anytime to go! So, we change our destination to zhong zheng ji nian tang for a small historical trip instead 🙂 Simple and Short moment. HAHA 🙂

Shall go to 九分 the next time round ^____^

So, last minutes change our destination too. As usual we did what we suppose to do in the morning like washing up and etc HAHA 🙂 Took on call cab again and take their train to Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang :O actually it is not call like this anymore. long story! HAHA!

Both me and teng did our FIRST there. I JUMP AND JUMP at their open field.. while ching ching SCOLDloudly there! HAHA 😛

the station!
(on may2 i dream about taking SG train, when the door open is this logo!)

familar hor?
usually people will take a picture with this when they come TW lol.

im flower too! LOL!

see the flag and my hair


My hair look so so so LONG!!!

definitely need a picture of both of us right here 🙂


its no longer call zhong zheng ji nian tang already

i wanna take picture with him one, but no one take lei
i shy paisey scare cannot so ya i also din
asked someone to help me take.
teng never climb up with me she resting haha
the view from the top.
you spotted teng?

haha told you already. I did some JUMP shot! LOL
after i do, there another couple doing it too LOL!

Next Stop: 五分埔 & 胡须张濡肉饭 again.

After that we headed to 五分埔 for our last minutes shopping! But at the same time, we manage to have our 胡须张濡肉饭 as well. YUMMY! haha 🙂 Quite a simple short trip for today before we headed back to Chris’ Place for a dinner gathering!HAHA:)

i start to love the vege liao!
so next time you dine out with me.. GIVE ME THAT!





headed back to Chris’ house 🙂


We have like around 30minutes rest before having a dinner with their family!

We have a dinner at some canto restuarant. No Pictures taken, because it wun look nice to take picture of the food in front of the elderly. haha 🙂 We finally met Chris’s grandfather who MSN chris! Super Super Cool right? hehe!! I have to agree with them that the food was pretty good too! hehe. There pork rib but is orange flavour, different & nice. Got prawn and etc. NICE 😛

Next Stop: 士林夜市 again.

we ate the taiwan sausage with vege 🙂
very nice!!

We going to have our last eat, last buy before anything 🙂 Get our friends’ gift. (and realise when reached sg, is not enough to distribute!! so, i give up my share too 🙁 hehe. This time we manage to eat 小腸 as well hehe 🙂 Nice Nice. Went back to Chris place earlier because we have to pack our bag and weigh it to ensure that our luggage are not overweight 🙂 hehe!

I dun wish to go back SG!
I know i gonna miss Taipei!!!

Day 6 (2 April March 2009) : Bye Taipei. Hello Singapore.

Finally my 6 days holidays in Taipei ended beautifully. The feeling was great because i have not been using the computer or internet or rather design application for entire 6 days! It’s just simply enjoying myself for the entire 6 days without any worries (except for my pocket though haha!)

Wake up early as well, to get everything done. We have on call cab yesterday to fetch us directly to Taoyuan Airport. Previously, we wanted to take the 高铁 to Taoyuan to experience the feel. haha! but, because of our luggage we expect the difficulties in taking 高铁. haha! So, we decide to pay 900NT for the cab 🙂 It’s a long journery of 1hours to reach Taoyuan via Bus. But should be around 45mins via cab! hehe. Though is not very cheap but i guess it is the best way because we can rather have a good rest in the cab? Oops is ching ching have a rest… I was busy looking around though HAHA! 😛

Leave her house around 11pm. With the help of the security guard, they helped us with lugguage to the cab ^____^ and soon the next thing we know we found ourselves at Taoyuan Airport… and CHECKED IN. this time, we got our window seat again HAHA 🙂 and, i ensured with ching ching that this time round we are able to choose the food! haha!!

the view outside the guest room 🙂

the guest room 🙂
our room for 6 days!

outside their lift 🙂

in the cab…. approaching airport



our luggage!


As we have nothing in the morning… we are rather HUNGRY right now. With only 220NT, we wonder what can we eat in the departure hall 😛 haha!

this is wad we have left!

i try to login to their wifi 🙂
and it’s work. hehe!

so we ate this 🙂

someone who help us take a shoot. 🙂
it’s like this is a better shot already HAHA!
see the hand carry! it’s 7kg!

me me me!

this is the plane we taking!

Soon, we found ourselves inside the plane waiting to leave Taipei. The feeling is no good. HAHA 🙂 I miss home definitely… but i dun want to face work that fast!!! I enjoyed myself so much! 🙂 Maybe i just wanna a good rest/break away from work! haha!!

Since taking SQ, i must really use their stuff 🙂 I love their leg spacing which i believe silkair/jetstar/tiger airway can’t provide that. And, i love their entertainment system too! As i didn’t get the chance to watch Galileo Movie. I decided to watch it on plane 🙂 So, I watched movie while ms ching ching went to ZZZ!

And this time, you can’t believe it HAPPEN AGAIN! and to make it worst, we can’t choose any choice. We have only 1 choice! and you will never believe it… IT’S JAPANESE FOOD! OMG!

Anyway… I just take their snack like Pineapple Tart. I realise i dun love the tart from SG but i love TW’s. I think i was suppose to born in TW lor. I am such a taiwanese! HAHA 😛

reaching sg 🙂

And, the next thing you know, the pretty air stewardness say “WE reached Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3”. It’s officially, im HOME 🙂 But i nearly faint when she say it’s 30 degree outside! Im gonna get roasted!!! I definitely miss the weather at TW. HAHA 🙂

Daddy & Mummy came to fetch me instead! I thought they wun come. HAHA! my mum is very funny. she called me and say am i at terminal 2? I told them NO, it’s terminal 3, but is okay, i take the skytrain over… den she say AIYA BLUFF YOU ONE LAH! lol… they send ms ching ching back home too! 🙂 It’s a tiring day for me :)and i gonna say it one more time or again for lots of time… I MISS TAIPEI!Bye Taipei. Hello Singapore.

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