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Hello world!

there’s something wrong with my writing. it’s boring and it’s not properly structure. okay, you just found out. haha! well, i have been blogging on blogger since 2004. it’s a beautiful 6 years. i have thoughs to move my blog several years ago. i did, and i moved back… till march 2011. i have encounter really a lot of problem with blogger, so right now, HELLO WORDPRESS. im officially a wordpress-er HAHA! i have so much to say so much to write, i just have to learn to structure and write in proper English and, STOP writing in translated english from chinese. oh man, that’s hard. hwaiting. and, i am getting out of point.

i have attended a MUST-GO concert in January, an unforgettable fan meet and a trip to Bangkok! (: Career wise, let’s talk MORE about it later. (when? soon.)

i shifted from to wordpress. i love the tidiness and neatness of wordpress. and i even backup my old blog as well. you know, you just have to play safe… you/i can’t imagine if something crazy happen to blogger. HA! my boring blog will be all gone lol. but, i want to start new, brand new, just like what’s going to happen this year. i have lots of plans, if all goes smoothly, i will be a happy girl… a happier girl. hehe!

my new blog – people who i knew previously, a big hello, and thanks for coming here again (and please stay lol). those who is new to here, i hope my writing doesn’t kill you, and there are gonna more photos for you to get distracted from my writing =P

there’s so much to say… but, keep it for later….

see you (all) later.

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