Rick Genest the Zombie Boy

I actually somehow heard of this name before, but have never really read more about him until few weeks ago, ANTZ show us this clip. I thought it is very amazing to have such idea to do a collaboration between Rick Genest and Make-up Concealer. You might wondering who is Rick Genest and, what’s so great about this collaboration?

Check this out, the CF.


I think it’s really amazing and it’s really cool to have such idea? Who have actually thought of concealer X tattoo can be such a great collaboration? An idea that tell you how great this concealer is? Of cos, I must say, it definitely takes very long to ‘conceal’ the entire tattoo Zombie Boy have, and it must have taken lots of bottle of it. But, think about how this CF tells you? How the idea have been convey? The brainstorm, the idea, the amazing collaboration?

Behind the Scene:


Personally, I really like this advertisement. It tells a lot about the concealer as a buyer, and as a designer, I really think this idea is just amazing! It’s something out of the box, yet so close to your daily life! 🙂

If you still unsure who Zombie Boy or Rick Genest is… how about the guy featured in Lady Gaga’s Born this way MV?


I can’t help to share this amazing idea that this concealer company have thought of! 🙂

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