Summer Aussie: Cruise Tour Booked!


Just got one of my most important tour booked for my upcoming trip. I have been busy and really have no time at all for all these planning, I’m glad things are more likely in place and hopefully, get all my planning done by the end of this week. I feeling a little nervous and little jingzhang over all these because unplan is one of the worst thing happen during a holiday, especially lodging.

Well, I was really excited over this tour, because I have heard lots of great comments from Clarice, his brother and girlfriend! It’s like a MUST-GO tour for this trip. Well, I must say this tour is very expensive, costing us AUD180 each. OMG, this could be one of my most expensive ‘entrance fee’ for my trips so far, but looking at the photos that I found online, it’s definitely worth the money. Well, I’m so glad that, we can reserve without any cash deposit, and make payment on the day itself… so flexible! Wee! :)

Till then, 잘가 :)





  1. clarice

    Yes! You will definitely not regret it. The breakfast is nice too, if it’s the same. But u get motion sickeness easily so maybe u eat just a little. They will give u motion sickness pill, so u must eat it.

  2. 슈퍼스타

    Yeah! I can’t wait actually! :P It’s very expensive one of the most expensive thing I ever since in a holiday haha, but i’m so looking forward haha. Oh, okok! I though they provide lunch nia. haha! OKAY! :)

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