# years back when they are young and crazy…

#very mature and gentleman looking, yet still crazy and young at heart.

Can’t help it, but, I have successfully converted to SHINHWA CJ! 🙂

Many years ago, I still remembered how my partner-in-crime shared with me albums and MV of Shinhwa when I first shared with her, I love the song Perfect Man. I can’t imagine this happened more than 10 years ago!!! I was a KPOP fan in short, I love their drama and especially OST… But to be honest, I get to know Shinhwa after knowing the copyright issue of Energy (TW boyband). I remembered how excited I was to watch Junjin’s Forbidden Love with Kim Tae Hee… Because it was a member from Shinhwa….!!! Then, get excited over Andy with Solbi in We Got Married, though my focus was on HyunJoong, yet Andy the sweetest groom ever melt many hearts haha! (but my favourite ep was on the Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert… where all the members were gathered!!!)

And, with Yyann’s help, I get to watch Shinhwa The Return Concert in Singapore! I was totally thankful and happy, that I get to see the cutest Minwoo ever. I remembered I was already in deep deep crazy over Shinhwa Broadcast! I love them, they are so natural, so funny, so different. I sensed the sincerity from them! I love their concert, and I must said, I really enjoyed alot despite they might not have the most wonderful stage, but the sincerity and thankfulness, and not forgetting appreciative towards their fans… Loyal fans been with them for the last 14 years, and to be exact, with a great 4 years apart while they are serving the nation.

兵變 wasn’t for SHCJ (Shinhwa Changjo!). I am proud to be one too! And, will continue to be one. And, my biased have always stayed the same – MINWOO.

You probably can’t believe this, but because of them, I really feel I sleep with a happy heart everyday. They are my motivation and happy pill. I think I felt I am really a fan girl after watching SHBC. And, I felt happy to be a fan of a group that shows sincerity! Though most of my friends probably don’t understand how I felt, just like I love attending HJ’s stuff and KPOP stuff. But it is the same theory whereby friends went on drinking and clubbing to be happy. While, I watched variety show and attending their concert even though they standing way far from me – to be happy too.

I don’t care how people thinks now, though I admit, I did lessen my tweets and fb posting on KPOP stuff. But that wasn’t me at all. So, I will be back again 🙂 I will be back to the Sihui who love Kpop and everything about Korea. Anyway, I still love SS501 especially HyunJoong, he is still the ultimate lah…. 😀

Wilber, you are still the first love 😛
(though, the very first idol I love is Won Bin….!)

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