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Hello from Korea!

Finally Officially, I can say this loud and clear that this is REAL. For countless of months, days, minutes and seconds, I have thoughts of this wasn’t real. HAHA! Well, Technically, I am in Korea right now when this is published. But then, I was writing this a month ago prior the departure date! Once again, this isn’t any mystery or somewhat trip though, just that, I thought I doesn’t need to be once again broadcast about my trip. And I believed many people are actually very excited for me even they knew it only now… because they would have already guess that I need to be home every year…! 😀

This marked my 3rd trip to Korea, and something different about this trip is that, I took Korea Air this time. (I have no idea about this since I blogged prior the trip haha!) I’m actually looking very very forward and positive over this trip, because I have LOTS OF PLANS for this trip! There’s 2 major things I will be doing right after this trip and I have been really excited over it. And I will share much more about it when it is the right time 😛 Meanwhile, just be happy for me. LOL!!!!

Long ago, I did mentioned about getting a christmas gift for myself… – THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS GIFT ^^ I bought my air ticket 2 days after christmas, and it doesn’t really seems REAL since it is just an e-ticket. It look more like a rough paper than a e-ticket though hahahaa!!! And piece of ‘rough paper’ sat on my table for months, looking at it wasn’t REAL but it is definitely HAPPINESS! 🙂

Well, this yet again, another budget trip T.T but, I want to make full use of everything and every moment in this lovely country! And, when I am back, I’m going to continue to eat the grass at Hougang, as Sengkang’s field was almost bald :/ (That’s why there a reason why they usually say, the grass are always greener at the other side! I can see, the one at HG look greener and fresher, maybe juicier too LOL!) So, friends no present no everything okay, since I already bought what I can buy for you the last 2 trips :/

I didn’t brought my MacAir with me this time round, I hope I won’t regret? But I will tried to blog on iPad if possible :p
But you can always follow me @lamerhui in Twitter / Instagram for more foods, photos and happenings or #3DoryinKR


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10 thoughts on “안녕하세요!”

  • Hey there. I saw ur instagram photos abt ur korea trip n it looks fun! 😀 u go thr by urself? Did u faced any communication difficulties? 😮 Actually im planning to go Korea bt I duno hw to arrange the trip bcz thrs too many places to visit n too many thgs to eat! XD so I hope u can give me some advice or mayb u cn giv me ur itinerary. Kamsahamnida! 😀

    • Hi yinyee!

      Thanks ^^ Im on free and easy everytime im in korea. I think quite easy access to places in Seoul so don’t worried abt it. Just that you need to do little research on places to visit and going ^^

      My friend and I did itineraries from past. So usually I will blog about it to share. I didny have like the physical itineraries for now: ) more to blog after this trip toooo ^^

      Thanks for liking the photos: )

  • U will post ur itinerary? Wow. Good. Looking forward to it. Haha. Hmm…mayb 8 to 10 days. Tats y I think most likely I will be staying in a guest hse lik u do. Haha. I saw urpics n most of them are about kpop! Like u went to d restaurant the artist opened etc etc. I oso want tis kind of korea trip! Haha. Hwbout communication problems? :O

    • Hi yinyee! Sorry for late reply 🙂

      I won’t post my itinerary like excel files or word doc on my blog. Hehe. But in fact, I will share where I go and how to go to places I visited ^^

      Yeah, staying in a guesthouse is one of the cheapest and actually not much big difference from hotel, perhaps…. Smaller? Not as grand? Hehe.

      Haha! Ya, I’m a kpop person. In Korea, just visiting the restaurant the celebrity opened, is headache enough… Too much to visit, lol. But I’m also a very tourist person so I tend to put in some tourist site seeing as well haha. My trip will be more interesting and fun hehe.

      Communication problem I feel is minimum. Most of them able to speak casual English, and the elderly might able to speak in mandarin. 🙂

      Just prepare your address in Korean in case you get lost. You can seek helps from the people here, and even make thing easier for taxi driver if you decided to cab over.


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