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Today, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan as an actor won 49th Paeksang Arts Award – Male Actor Popularity Award for his role in Deranged as Jae-pil. So, I thought it is a great happy day to write this entry as a THANK YOU gift for MR KIM DW being a great actor hehehe 🙂

Dongwan known as MR KIM as one of the icon in shinbang, was because of his role in Cheer Up Mr Kim. A soap drama with 124 episodes featuring Kim Tae Pyung as a 32 years old unmarried man who is raising 4 children, 3 are whom are not related by blood, as their guardian. The story went around sharing how Mr Kim and his 4 children go through different hardship and accepting each other as real true family by showing the true love and understanding. With such great storyline, Mr Kim has now known Granny-Ahjumma Killer especially in the local markets. Everyone knows him, everyone loves him! 🙂

The drama often took place inside the house (which could be a studio shoot) as well as the playground. Though the drama have already come to an end, you might wish to take a look at the playground where secrets, laughters and tears were often captured? Just to share, this is a residential area, and I hope that, those who are really love to visit there please do not disturb the residents there… I know, we all love Mr Kim! 🙂

 photo IMG_4677copy_zps2ce26e61.jpg
#Neutinamu Children’s Park (near hongdae area)

 photo IMG_4672copy_zpsda8d64b6.jpg
#the playground

 photo IMG_4673copy_zps250a1cd1.jpg

 photo P4132313copy_zpsb9a4aec4.jpg
#of cos, a shoot here… you know… taking a picture where DW always filming at… :/

 photo P4132315copy_zps8b8b4b15.jpg
#Cheer Up Mr Kim!!!!

 photo P4132319copy_zps0a72b48d.jpg
#the door, that Mr Kim opened every weekdays haha! :p

 photo P4132320copy_zps0738807f.jpg

 photo P4132326copy_zps9cba618e.jpg
#Mr Kim & (his) Noona house! (Remember there’s a scene where SongAh was ‘catching the two dating’ standing at this fences?)

 photo cumk2_zps91ccdc1f.jpg

 photo P4132327copy_zpsee3bf9b5.jpg
#the Swing!!! (okay, carol cin and me played a few times :p)

AND…. (on the way to the playground the next few days later…)

We got really really excited when we saw this BUS on our way to the playground. We got really excited about this…

 photo IMG_4872copy_zpsa1d71cc1.jpg

 photo 20130418_232731copy_zps30f7b1d4.jpg
#힘내요, 미스터 김! —>>> Cheer Up Mr Kim!!! (their bus!) We got really excited that we might able to see DW…!

 photo 20130418_194533copy_zpsec9ad227.jpg
#and walking towards the playground… WE SAW MR KIM VAN… it’s so cute haha! :p

 photo 20130418_194839copy_zps3e5c4261.jpg
#and we really saw the filming scene!!!!!!

 photo 20130418_195521copy_zpsd58fa264.jpg
#and I only took this 2 photos via my phone once I reached, and no more taking photo during the filming.

That night filming were for EP 122 & 124.

 photo cumk1_zps8ec3b505.jpg
#we watched this scene too!

We stayed about 2 hours to see them filming and decided to leave after that because we were just too cold! So, we didn’t really manage to see them wrapped up… They must have filmed real late… (It’s about 11pm by then…) This filming, give us a really upclose view of Dongwan. I must say despite wearing just MR KIM clothes, he still look so good so charming. As much as we didnt sit too near due to filming angle, we still get a real good view of him…. and because they moved around, we moved too in order not to disturb them.

During ‘break-time’, Dongwan even played around with his fellow crews, this scene was so adorable, to see the real Dongwan instead of Mr Kim. teeheehee~ WooKyung as DW’s girlfriend is really really alot prettier in person…., we managed to see her real close while she was reciting and memorizing her lines.

The filming for today was mainly with Songah, as you remembered during EP122, Songah is going to leave the family to join her mum, lots of tears and heart to heart talk. Songah is so cute and lively, yet a great and talented young actress. She might be playing around before filming, but the moment she need to cry – She Cried; once the camera stop rolling… She is back to her cheerful self. Such a great lovely girl, and most importantly, she is so cute! 🙂

Some cute incident happened. DW was really playing around (trying to fight the cold) and he fallen from the metal thingy (where he sat together with Songah). LOL, and with playground cushion base, he didn’t fall too badly. And what he just did was actually in fact brighten up the atmosphere for the rest of the crew includes the director. hehe. They laughed… and I mean really laugh… This made the filming warmer especially with such cold. We were shivering so much and now you can imagine how cold they probably were for the past few months of late night filming? And our cute DW even put a heat pad on his neck while filming haha! WHY SO CUTE!!! 😀


 photo P4152397copy_zps1a60c1b4.jpg
#Hongki University Station Exit 1

 photo P4152398copy_zpsc0dc0871.jpg
# when exit, KBE Bank on your right, just walk straight.

 photo P4152399copy_zps6cf3d995.jpg
#continue to walk straight.

 photo P4152402copy_zps7053739e.jpg
#When you saw this sign… prepared to turn RIGHT at traffic light.

 photo P4152403copy_zpsc50806cb.jpg
#TURN RIGHT here 🙂

 photo P4152405copy_zpsdd2dffd1.jpg
#7-11 on your right… continue to walk straight! 🙂

 photo P4152406copy_zpsfa785282.jpg
#cross the road 🙂

 photo P4152407copy_zps47804ebb.jpg
#passed by Mini Stop

 photo P4152408copy_zps663ec2de.jpg
#Caffe bene (this outlet is very popular because other dramas are filmed here too!)

 photo P4152411copy_zps5c0a12df.jpg
#keep walking, we will pass by Paris Baguette on the right – this is the outlet where we got the chocolate bun!

 photo P4152412copy_zpsc5a31931.jpg
#continue walking… communicationbooks on your right… STANDBY TO TURN RIGHT!

 photo P4152413copy_zps1ea7eb0f.jpg
#turn RIGHT here! 🙂

 photo P4152417copy_zps58797f8a.jpg
#walked all the way straight towards the church….. you will find yourself RIGHT inside the playground! 😀

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