POP Container Cafe

As everyone know, this is my 3rd trip to Korea, and a very very long trip according to many. For the first few trips, I explore alot within Seoul, knowing Korea with lots of KPOP factor. This trip aside from SHINHWA CONCERT, I hope to explore more new and different places and that includes Cafe Hopping, and many day tour around Korea.

Cafe, is the topic I’m going to share now. Korea have all kind of interesting cafes, and with this agenda, we visited quite a handful of cafes this trip. Since the 3 of us wasn’t very hungry that day we decided to have dessert at around 5pm… and we headed to POP CONTAINER CAFE that serves Tall Oreo Patbingsu. Yes, Oreo, it IS the first oreo patbingsu I ever ate.

Patbingsu is a popular shaved ice dessert in Korea. Usually ate during Spring and Summer, though its Spring, and feel like Winter in Korea (during the time I was there…), we still go ahead to have it :P

 photo P4031570copy_zps6bb0789d.jpg

 photo P4031571copy_zps460a4c1b.jpg

 photo P4031572copy_zps3f8abf75.jpg
#the cafe has really nice and simple decoration, it also gives very cozy feel. Quite an ideal place for a group of 4 gathering :)

 photo P4031573copy_zpsd70a7e5b.jpg

 photo P4031574copy_zps5d619698.jpg

 photo P4031575copy_zps1eaa61bf.jpg

 photo P4031576copy_zps513b624d.jpg
#this is the map! :)

 photo P4031578copy_zps728eb90b.jpg
#NUTELLA pancake. Seriously, this is really tasty (3pcs). Those who love pancakes and nutella, you will love it!

 photo P4031580copy_zps5610cf22.jpg
#the famous tall oreo patbingsu! (we add extra oreo! haha!, the bottom part was made from milk, I believe from the oreo cream!)

 photo P4031581copy_zpsd0177fd4.jpg
#me with the tall tall oreo patbingsu! haha :)


It’s at Sinchon Station (Exit 2), walk towards the direction of U-plex… towards Megabox (direction towards Edae)
On your right, you will passed by Krispy Kreme and Olive Young… Continue to walk straight and you will see POP Container Cafe!



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