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In just a few hours time, we will get to listen to SHINHWAXI The Classic album… Though to be exact, there is 50 fans had already get to watch SHINHWA comeback stage in MNET studio! But most of us have yet to watch or heard anything regards to the dance and performance…. And, I have already made my purchase for their LE album, though you can always support them via digital download which is also available to you tmr… I update their teasers and and some little artworks right here  and will continue to do so… provided I am not held up at work :/ 16 May 2013, exactly 2 months away from their 15th anniversary concert, they will be once again, showing everyone the legend that lead by 6men… with such a day of worth celebrating, I’m here to blog about SHINHWA FOREST, an eternal gifts from Shinhwa Changjo!

When I first heard of Shinhwa Forest, I was totally impressed. How could anyone thought that a fan club will actually built a forest for their idol to commemorate some special event? Well, SHINHWA CHANGJO is really different. AMAZING indeed. With the purpose of showing and giving a healthier living for the mother earth, as well as commemorate the 15th anniversary of SHINHWA’s debut…. a forest is built.

Building a forest/ planting trees are not just as simple as planting but it serve an important role in our life and our mother earth. Trees give us oxygen to breath as they take in carbon dioxide and turn them into oxygen for everyone, with lesser trees, we will soon find ourselves lack of oxygen. The roles of a tree is so much more than everyone ever imagine, aside provide our necessities such as Oxygen, they also become part of our lifestyle – medicine and tools. Trees provides shade for you when you have scorching sun, cleaning the air and soil that give you a better life. In a way, trees are actually very much helping us to what we have now. Hence, I really feel that SHCJ is doing a great and sincere job at the same time, while commemorate the 15th anniversary of SHINHWA’s debut. (Read more about trees here: Savatree.com and Why tree planting is important?

According to Tree Planet’s, they say that this is an Eternal Gift from the fans to Shinhwa. Well Said. It’s one of the best gift and I really think SHCJ always did something different and meaningful. During my current trip to Korea, we decided to try our luck to find this Forest, yes… we found with a good help of google map 🙂 And I will be sharing with you the direction to the forest! 🙂 This lovely gift from SHCJ will be built at Dalteo Park! (Thank you google map for the helps and pics!)


 photo IMG_20130402_170811copy_zps20eb80f5.jpg

 photo P4021527copy_zpsdfa0f0d4.jpg

 photo P4021529copy_zps547eeedc.jpg

 photo P4021530copy_zps4c6f6264.jpg

 photo P4021531copy_zpsceb35bb4.jpg

 photo P4021532copy_zps955a914d.jpg

 photo Direction1A_zps30c1c14d.jpg photo Direction1B_zps45736da1.jpg

♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪   ♥   ♪


Yes, SHINHWA FOREST 2, not just 1, but 2. Shinhwa Changjo is the first ever fan club that built 2 forest for their idol. WHOA, really WHOA. Amazing is an understatement. I think anyone will feel proud of SHCJ for all the efforts they went through to build forests to commemorate SHINHWA 15th debut. When I thought 1 is great, 2 make it awesome haha 🙂 I feel so so so happy and proud for SHCJ. You girls are the best! 😀


 photo P4192778copy_zpsee8028a9.jpg

 photo P4192765copy_zps2c845f76.jpg

 photo P4192760copy_zpsf6a71479.jpg

 photo P4192750copy_zps0e446b33.jpg

 photo P4192756copy_zps17384819.jpg

 photo P4192758copy_zps8a5964c6.jpg

 photo P4192767copy_zps6dcf66f9.jpg

Shinhwa Changjo(s), actually went to plant some of the trees on their own. I thought this was so meaningful touch to the tree planting. Your effort, sweat and love in planting every single trees on that day. Each of the 6 members will have different type of trees, and I just can’t wait for it to blossom. I guessed, by then, its around their 16th anniversary? I hope there fans will be there and take lots of photos for us to see too! heehee! 🙂 To be honest, the orange ribbon is like a litte cute deco on each of them too. So, hyesung tree look a little bit too cute and funny haha! But like I have mentioned, I really think this gift is a great gesture to the mother earth as well as wonderful gift to your idol too. 🙂 I AM SO PROUD OF SHCJ! 😀

 photo P4192771copy_zps603e27fa.jpg
#even she want a great shot with MINWOO Tree hehe! She is a great fan of M! 🙂

 photo P4192777copy_zps1c5c13a3.jpg
#and… me too! 🙂

 photo P4192762copy_zps6e15b35d.jpg photo P4192761copy_zpsb3962e2d.jpg

 photo P4192749copy_zps57fe8ec9.jpg photo P4192752copy_zpsdd8c9c02.jpg

 photo P4192757copy_zps853a1abe.jpg photo P4192766copy_zps818216b7.jpg

 photo P4192773copy_zpsfab3f57f.jpg photo P4192775copy_zps28adf6d4.jpg
# I hope you grow up well, serve the neighbourhood a better environment and provide shade and oxygens to the needs ♥♥♥

 photo Direction2A_zps327fc514.jpg
 photo Direction2B_zps7a8560ae.jpg

 photo P4192779copy_zpsb97d0794.jpg

Thank you SHCJ for the lovely gift that you given! Who could say FC is nothing? This proven that even fanclub given the best to their idols and with the thought of giving the best to the environment.

12 thoughts on “[Direction] SHINHWA Forests”

  • Hi.. I am SHCJ too
    I’m very proud being shcj because of SHCJ did a lot of good deed.
    More over, this 2 forest really touch my heart.

    BTW I want to make an article about shinhwa forest, may I add your link in my article?

    • Hihi ^^

      Yes, I do feel very proud about it. I’m so impressed by SHCJ, they are so wonderful right? ^^

      And feel free to add it ^^
      Do share your link with me once you finished ya article? 🙂

      Thank you ^^


  • Thank you for letting me use you link,
    here is my blog http://greengato.wordpress.com

    I am waiting to see the trees grow, it would be very wonderful. 6 different trees will give us six different feeling. Just like Shinhwa and characters of members. I would love to wait.

    I hope someday I can visit these forest, and thanks for your detail navigation 😀

    • You are most welcome 🙂

      I read your blog, you are more like a eco friendly person hehe. thanks for all the updates on this, and thanks for including Shinhwa Forest inside too.

      Just let me know if you ever link me again with Shinhwa related stuff as I blogged quite a few. 😀


      • The articles on my blog actually wasn’t good enough, but I’ll improve it from time to time 😉
        I will ask you again if I will use your article again. I am quite fond to shinhwa n environment, so if there is an article related to this theme, maybe i will reblog again.
        Thanks for letting me use your link 🙂

  • Thank you very much for taking & sharing all these pictures. Its so lovely. And thank you for the routes given. Maybe one day if I happen to be in Korea, I’ll make sure I visit and see with my own eyes how my babies have grown up. It would be a great satisfaction to see what would have happened to what we had contributed. So excited & very anticipate to see my babies especially Junjin’s tree. I heard its a yae sakura. Can’t wait to see it blooms … thanks again. LOVE- SHCJ.

    • Hi Jinnie Jae,

      hehe you are welcome 🙂 I’m glad to share my love and experience with fellow fans. And very very happy that you love this posting of mine 🙂

      Yes you should visit it when you are in Korea. For forest 2, its build in march-april 2013, i guessed next year will be able to see them bloom? hehe. And yes Junjin’s is sakura, its gonna be really really pretty 😀

      Hope you will able to see it soon 😀

  • Hello! Thanks for the detailed directions to Shinhwa Forest! I would like to ask how long will one spend at Shinhwa Forest 1 and 2 respectively. I should be visiting both on different days for travelling convenience. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi peiqing 🙂
      Actually, it doesn’t take too long at any Forest. Maybe just 5-10mins.
      Only photo worth hehehehehe! But my friend whom went there last year told me the ribbon is removed! 🙁
      Yeah, visit them both on different days are better cos they are not near each other! 😀

  • Hi, ur post reli details. me and my sis will be visiting korea next month. my sis and me are shinhwa fans also and would love to visit there. but I have a question. when we going back, izit using the same direction as early when going to the forest? or are there any subway nearby ?

    • Hi Milky! Hello fellow SHCJ hehe! 😀

      Yup, for returning, I actually use the same direction. As for the forest 2, you have to go different direction to take the bus back 🙂

      As for the subway nearby, which forest you are referring to?

      Forest 1 nearest subway will be Guryong Station. For Forest 1, it will be just walking distance to the forest from the station.

      Forest 2 nearest subway will be Ssangmun Station 🙂 And you need to take a bus over 🙂

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