I Have A Dream

I never knew I will have love for pasta until my friends are totally in love with pasta. Nevertheless, this grown interest in me. I start to love pasta and always looking for the best pasta in town. During my stay in Korea, I’m sure korean food will never disappoint me, but how about pasta? I’m very sure not many people will have the thought of having other cuisine in Korea especially they already have so much different style/kind of korean food for us to explore. BUT, how can I missed having pasta in Korea right?

This cafe i am going to share is not just a normal cafe that serve paste… yet something unique about here.

 photo P4021501copy_zps878f1ab6.jpg

 photo P4021502copy_zpsfeaf8407.jpg

 photo P4021503copy_zps6d8dca8f.jpg

The interior look very difference to those I visited in SG. There’s live band at night too, and our reason of why going in afternoon………

 photo P4021504copy_zps0569af2c.jpg

 photo P4021505copy_zpsaec8555f.jpg

 photo P4021507copy_zps1a1ea372.jpg

we ordered a lunch set that include salad and the two dishes we wanted – pizza and pasta!

 photo P4021509copy_zpsf034102a.jpg

 photo P4021510copy_zpsa600e5a4.jpg

 photo P4021511copy_zps3402f23c.jpg

 photo P4021512copy_zps0230bc5b.jpg

 photo P4021513copy_zps985bff2e.jpg

 photo P4021514copy_zps8f3da385.jpg

 photo P4021515copy_zpsfec0977d.jpg

 photo P4021516copy_zps52115644.jpg

And tadah~ one of the lead : Strawberry Pizza πŸ™‚
Many people who came here, is for this special dish, and it’s often sold out by dinner.
Not too difficult to know why we were here for lunch instead of dinner right?
It’s a sweet dessert, instead of normal pizza, something out of the box that we usually have.

 photo P4021517copy_zpsd0de2bb8.jpg

 photo P4021519copy_zps94fc794c.jpg

the thin crust is perfect.

 photo P4021520copy_zps26401201.jpg

 photo P4021521copy_zps4ca075ea.jpg

and, YES, this is the pasta that we wanted to try too! Steamboat Pasta, omg!
It’s really good, and we all wished we had came here again for the 2nd time but we didn’t…
I have no idea, 39 days really not enough? :p

 photo P4021522copy_zps13efd214.jpg

 photo P4021523copy_zpsd3ab40e0.jpg

 photo P4021525copy_zps998a0134.jpg

 photo P4021526copy_zpsfa32d364.jpg

Address:Β μ„œμšΈμ‹œ 강남ꡬ 역삼동 821 μ΄μ¦ˆνƒ€μ›Œ B3
Direction: Gangnam Exit 11 (make a U-turn after exit, less than 3 minutes walk, it’s on your left – green glass panel windows building)
Cost for our meal: 29500W

1 thought on “I Have A Dream”

  • hhahaha this post made me smile/giggle πŸ™‚ I love pasta too, but my bum loves it more, hence why it is so big :P:P

    In any case, you’re more than welcome to come over to our place in Seoul and try my family’s traditional Italian pasta recipes :D:D

    Take care!

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