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[Seoul] 팔팔민물장어

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I love Eel or some called it Unagi. I love fishes and almost all kinds except those fried type. So, when I first visited 황가네 꼼장군 I was excited to try this baby eel that I never ate it before. I thought its really tasty and I never ate something that taste like this at all. I guessed, I am really challenging when I travelling, I basically give a try to almost everything except anything-seaweed-or-vinegar haha! So, after the visit at  황가네 꼼장군, I searched around and found this 신촌 풍천장어. So the recent trip, I wanted to bring the girls to eat Eel yet its somewhere new. Really New & Luxury hahahahhahhaha!

Please forgive me of the not-so-sharp-photos for the direction guide as the rain was pretty heavy and I doesn’t have an umbrella.

 photo IMG_6630 copy_zpsvsryjztc.jpg
 photo IMG_6631 copy_zps1wzqoq8y.jpg
 photo IMG_6634 copy_zps2wvywgjf.jpg
#we took a normal seating because we so wet, doesn’t want to sit on the floor with our smelly socks too! HAHA

 photo IMG_6632 copy_zps0ggwtaul.jpg
Eel’s bone, its like crackers, and its quite addictive! :p

 photo IMG_6637 copy_zpsbyri3jfa.jpg
The menu, we accidentally ordered the luxury eel at 85,000won each (85USD) lol

 photo IMG_6638 copy_zps6vrxtmbo.jpg
 photo IMG_6640 copy_zpsnfulzhzg.jpg
 photo IMG_6642 copy_zpsu9ob7q9m.jpg
Their side dishes really yummy, and we were given 2 set each. We only have 4 pax and haha we refilled a few times because its too good! :)

 photo IMG_6643 copy_zpskcfwoqmr.jpg
quail eggs, who can resist!

 photo IMG_6644 copy_zpsfxus0aim.jpg
potato salad, one of my favourite!

 photo IMG_6645 copy_zpsivvufzne.jpg
# anchovies

 photo IMG_6646 copy_zps50kriscg.jpg
#its a type of squid/octopus etc, not sure haha

 photo IMG_6647 copy_zpsdxcuchxs.jpg

 photo IMG_6648 copy_zpscky3z5ee.jpg
#some greens finally!

 photo IMG_6650 copy_zps0cjebdeg.jpg
and our luxury eel arrived. It’s occupied more than half of our table height!

 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdi5dntzs.jpg
really luxury, look at the fat meat!

 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Oh my! i love unagi!

 photo IMG_6653 copy_zpslfthkihn.jpg photo IMG_6657 copy_zpsvxfbp4ev.jpg
 photo IMG_6658 copy_zpsz3kedoin.jpg
 photo IMG_6654 copy_zpsuehgnk0n.jpg
It’s really expensive as it cost 170,000won for this meal, but I think we all ended up have happy tummy! :)


Direction to 팔팔민물장어

I’m sorry that the photo turned out quite badly due to the heavy rains, and the lens was blurred, I didn’t realise it until I was back home.
But, its not too difficult to figure out the way, and its quite easy after exit too :)

 photo IMG_6609 copy_zps2fjkghtl.jpg
Exit 1 at Sinnohyeon Station & Walk straight

 photo IMG_6612 copy_zpsxw8sqwld.jpg
#continue to walk straight, Burger King on your right

 photo IMG_6613 copy_zpshjkfhlzf.jpg
Continue to walk straight, IBK bank on your right

 photo IMG_6616 copy_zpsihcvznzp.jpg
#Continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6617 copy_zpsu4xbjw1o.jpg
Did i told you all, I didnt have umbrella, so its really very wet! Husky on the right :)

 photo IMG_6619 copy_zpsx8ma9xq2.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6621 copy_zpsbgou9hsc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, dunkin donuts on your right

 photo IMG_6622 copy_zpsfcpqnobr.jpg
#you are almost, go all the way to the end! :)

 photo IMG_6624 copy_zps3sf16jo8.jpg
#you will see the shop name at the building on ur right. Walk in! :)

 photo IMG_6626 copy_zpslkfmdpc6.jpg
#the lens must be really wet!

 photo IMG_6628 copy_zpsgj4qenoa.jpg
 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Anyway, when I was checking the exact english name of this restaurant (which eventually I can’t find lol), I then realise, this is the one that Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin in Drinking solo) went. I love that drama, its so simply and actually telling quite alot of facts about working life too. 


Address in English: 745 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korean: 서초구 반포동 745
Contact: 02-549-1112~3
Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM (~10PM on Sat/Sun)
Nearest Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 1

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Running Man’s Gary Recommendation – Haru

In Running Man EP288, the mission is to complete the food race recommendation by all the Running Man’s members. Here’s one of the place you might not want to miss it if you are a food and running man lover! :)

 photo 1458732291412 copy_zpsd3cp4ohf.jpg photo 1458732280904 copy_zpsk0a8ohco.jpg photo 1458732285126 copy_zpsh8mjrjir.jpg photo 1458732283120 copy_zpsklzedhex.jpg photo 1458732279540 copy_zpszccku6sp.jpg
#all the recommendations on the table, all ready to eat! :)

 photo 1458732278348 copy_zpsqzv7tdvl.jpg
#look how nicely fried the pork cutlet is, and how generous the curry rice is!

 photo 1458732275993 copy_zpsedldebnb.jpg
#another recommendation: Cold buckwheat noodle! :)

 photo 1458732273052 copy_zpsnkbobrva.jpg photo 1458732271764 copy_zpsovml0fah.jpg
#words cant express how nice the food is, but, this picture probably tells everything! :P



 photo 1458732303323 copy_zpsyklk3bjl.jpg
#Apgujeong Rodeo Exit 6, walk straight! :)

 photo 1458732301741 copy_zpsy89g5n4m.jpg
#Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo 1458732299405 copy_zpsiise7ikz.jpg
#Turn right here! :D and continue to walk straight :D

 photo 1458732292792 copy_zpszntrmzne.jpg
#continue to walk straight till you….

 photo 1458732294538 copy_zpst7klfmgf.jpg
#see NBA store and turn left again :)

 photo 1458732289855 copy_zpsjyki3gkx.jpg
#and you will reached soon! :D Yeah!

 photo 1458732277130 copy_zpslzkcg6dx.jpg

Haru 하루
Address in Korea: 강남구 언주로172길 56 서현빌딩
Address in English: 56, Eonju-ro 172-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Contact: +82-2-514-5557
Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Exit 6

Butterfinger Pancakes at Gangnam

[Travel in May 2015. Thanks Aries for the photos!]

 photo S__5505129 copy_zpsklocjolo.jpg photo S__5505152 copy_zpsaqnmkep4.jpg photo S__5505141 copy_zpsluryrmta.jpg photo S__5505162 copy_zpsb44injxg.jpg photo S__5513225 copy_zpsjuayspjr.jpg
My cousin said that the pancake is very fluffy and it will be something she wish to have it again during her next trip.
I always wanted to visit Butterfingers Pancakes for their waffles, look likes, I should go soon :)


Butterfinger Pancake at Gangnam
Address in Korean: 서울시 강남구 청담동 88-9번지
Address: 88-9 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Subway: Gangnam Station
Direction: Exit 10, walk all the way straight till The Body Shop and turn left. Continue to go straight and Butterfingers Pancakes will be on your left. (lost track of how long the distance is because my cousin walked from Yeoksam station)

I Have A Dream

I never knew I will have love for pasta until my friends are totally in love with pasta. Nevertheless, this grown interest in me. I start to love pasta and always looking for the best pasta in town. During my stay in Korea, I’m sure korean food will never disappoint me, but how about pasta? I’m very sure not many people will have the thought of having other cuisine in Korea especially they already have so much different style/kind of korean food for us to explore. BUT, how can I missed having pasta in Korea right?

This cafe i am going to share is not just a normal cafe that serve paste… yet something unique about here.

 photo P4021501copy_zps878f1ab6.jpg

 photo P4021502copy_zpsfeaf8407.jpg

 photo P4021503copy_zps6d8dca8f.jpg

The interior look very difference to those I visited in SG. There’s live band at night too, and our reason of why going in afternoon………

 photo P4021504copy_zps0569af2c.jpg

 photo P4021505copy_zpsaec8555f.jpg

 photo P4021507copy_zps1a1ea372.jpg

we ordered a lunch set that include salad and the two dishes we wanted – pizza and pasta!

 photo P4021509copy_zpsf034102a.jpg

 photo P4021510copy_zpsa600e5a4.jpg

 photo P4021511copy_zps3402f23c.jpg

 photo P4021512copy_zps0230bc5b.jpg

 photo P4021513copy_zps985bff2e.jpg

 photo P4021514copy_zps8f3da385.jpg

 photo P4021515copy_zpsfec0977d.jpg

 photo P4021516copy_zps52115644.jpg

And tadah~ one of the lead : Strawberry Pizza :)
Many people who came here, is for this special dish, and it’s often sold out by dinner.
Not too difficult to know why we were here for lunch instead of dinner right?
It’s a sweet dessert, instead of normal pizza, something out of the box that we usually have.

 photo P4021517copy_zpsd0de2bb8.jpg

 photo P4021519copy_zps94fc794c.jpg

the thin crust is perfect.

 photo P4021520copy_zps26401201.jpg

 photo P4021521copy_zps4ca075ea.jpg

and, YES, this is the pasta that we wanted to try too! Steamboat Pasta, omg!
It’s really good, and we all wished we had came here again for the 2nd time but we didn’t…
I have no idea, 39 days really not enough? :p

 photo P4021522copy_zps13efd214.jpg

 photo P4021523copy_zpsd3ab40e0.jpg

 photo P4021525copy_zps998a0134.jpg

 photo P4021526copy_zpsfa32d364.jpg

Address: 서울시 강남구 역삼동 821 이즈타워 B3
Direction: Gangnam Exit 11 (make a U-turn after exit, less than 3 minutes walk, it’s on your left – green glass panel windows building)
Cost for our meal: 29500W

Park JungMin’s Mom Restaurant – BANJUDAM 반주담


I have seen some blogs that mentioned Banjudam have converted into a pretty cozy cafe. I have yet visit the cafe, but it is still at the same location. I’m unsure if this was still manageable by the family but do let me know if you visited :)



Banjudam is CLOSED (according to tweets from SS501’s fans)



During my August Seoul Trip (Yes, I went again…), I visited Banjudam again for their food. I will blogged again in separate entry, but I would like to highlight here in this entry that, Banjudam is no longer open for business during Lunch Hours. They are only opened at night from 6pm-12midnight :) Night ambience are great and Im sure you will love this place with such romantic ambience. :D

(Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6pm – 12midnight)



Yes, this is Park Jung Min’s Mom restaurant, and we managed to go there during our last few days of the trip… so glad that we visited here without any hesitation! BECAUSE OF THE YUMMY FOOD haha! Teeheehee~~ Oh yes, JM’s sister and mom say that we were able to share this restaurant to our friends and bring them here to eat and play with the dogs heehee, and sister mentioned that we must take great and beautiful photos… she is so cute!

Personally, I feel, even a non-fan who wish for a great meal should visit here. They served great pasta at a reasonable price. Then again, fans shouldn’t swarmed around the area just to wait for PJM, the food there is worth the visit. I’m sure you know what I mean after visiting ^^ It’s also show respect to his mom and sister by give them more space as much as possible, they are not just a celebrity’s family members… They are Restaurateur who make great delicious food for you.

We went around lunch time to have our brunch there, and its already beautiful in the interior and exterior. I heard, the night view was great too. Maybe I shall visit it again the next time for dinner…. it’s gonna be great too. (Thinking about the food – Yummy!)

 photo P4192738copy_zpsb22e1125.jpg
#this is how it look like from outside! The exterior is in Grey and White… the little bit of Green Carpet makes it look homely. (oh! Green for SS501 too!)

 photo P4192735copy_zpsea2029af.jpg
#overall look.

 photo P4192668copy_zpsedc5604a.jpg

 photo P4192663copy_zps8d7bae04.jpg
#inside, there’s a mirror on the left which make the entire restaurant look bigger. The interior designer is good!

 photo P4192662copy_zpscd0efb18.jpg
#melted candles… haha, and also 2 little houses for PJM’s kids.

 photo P4192661copy_zps96e9a650.jpg
#I love the interior of the restaurant. It’s like in Black and White concept.

 photo P4192734copy_zpsfbafa99b.jpg
#we were sitting down in this small corner where they are able to take in 2 group of 4-diners.

 photo P4192660copy_zpsd3f38798.jpg
#we sat here! :)

 photo P4192659copy_zpsa478fb9d.jpg
#I heard many people was saying that this beautiful chandeliers came from his previous shop – Royal Avenue.

 photo P4192665copy_zps42509618.jpg

 photo P4192650copy_zps2bef7cb0.jpg

 photo P4192643copy_zps4bc3cfad.jpg
#the menu, Lunch menu differ from Dinner menu too. I personally feel the food is really really affordable for such great restaurant. *thumb up!*

 photo P4192642copy_zpsc3a21361.jpg
#Water served in wine bottle, I love the entire feel of this restaurant.

 photo P4192644copy_zpsa3dbaed0.jpg
#my strawberry smoothies taste really good! *recommend to order!*

 photo P4192648copy_zps3939c6cf.jpg
#Kimchi Fried Rice – It has the —- Home taste!

 photo P4192645copy_zpsa9f2042e.jpg
#Salad Pasta (Cold dish) was really appetizing for us. Its a mixture of Salad and Pasta which is really good for the start!

 photo P4192655copy_zpsbc1ba302.jpg
#THUMB UP STARX501 – Kimchi Pasta. It’s really good, and I saw a few diners ordering this too. Everything was just good and nice for this. The taste was so great that you will probably asked for more for this dish! It’s really delicious, I will recommend everyone to try this! :)

 photo P4192654copy_zps3e898afa.jpg

And, we was about to leave….. PJM’s sister approached us and asked if we could wait for another 10minutes as her mom wanted to cook something for us. We were delighted and of cos, shocked that we able to try something her mom prepared just for us. *happy*

 photo P4192731copy_zpsc56e763c.jpg
#Rice Cake Toast. It was really delicious. It has tiny bits of cinnamon too which I really love it, the taste was great.
This dish was prepared hot, and the toast came in soft, the rice cake was so chewy. It has an unforgettable after taste.

 photo P4192730copy_zpsc73703e8.jpg
#close up of how it look. (If i not wrong, this is available for dinner menu) ^^

We fare goodbye to his mom and sister, telling them, we were leaving in a few days time.
Thanks for the delicious meals and the yummy Rice Cake Toast that JM mom prepared for us. 
We fare goodbye with a tight hug, and share that we will be back next time. Thank you Mummy Park! :) 

//// Let me now show you, the 3 kids…. 점례 is the big sister with her little sister and brother :)

 photo P4192729copy_zps9d7e8d28.jpg

 photo P4192726copy_zps7f41ba05.jpg
#Say Annyeong to 점례!!!!~~

 photo P4192725copy_zps6a4e0625.jpg

 photo P4192718copy_zps3b1f9a1e.jpg

 photo P4192717copy_zps2edf04c0.jpg

 photo P4192712copy_zps552cd068.jpg

 photo P4192709copy_zps21707d04.jpg

 photo P4192707copy_zps03371079.jpg

 photo P4192705copy_zps0990546f.jpg

 photo P4192702copy_zps3dc70cbf.jpg

 photo P4192699copy_zpsa1ea82b8.jpg

 photo P4192698copy_zpsa77acd65.jpg

 photo P4192695copy_zps9c8bb7e6.jpg

 photo P4192694copy_zps40682209.jpg

 photo P4192687copy_zps1748d323.jpg

 photo P4192686copy_zpsed219623.jpg

 photo P4192682copy_zps54829c65.jpg

 photo P4192681copy_zps4c931bfc.jpg

 photo P4192675copy_zps3c4cddb4.jpg

 photo P4192674copy_zpsa95df237.jpg

 photo P4192673copy_zps9b240fee.jpg

 photo P4192736copy_zpsec33d0db.jpg

Now I’m sure you can’t wait to know how you can get to this place right? It’s a heartwarming restaurant with dogs and really delicious food! I have seek permission if I could post this entry, and was given a Green Light from JM’s sister and she really happy that we could share this with many many friends, hehe, so I’m blogging this with direction too! :DDDD

It’s a MUST-VISIT for me the next trip! I’m missing the ‘kids’ so much now….

Direction to BANJUDAM 반주담.

 photo P4192746copy_zps12cc5f60.jpg
#Gangnam-gu office Exit 2

 photo P4192748copy_zpsbf3886e4.jpg
#make a U-turn after exit 2, you will get to see SK Hub Plaza on your right… Turn RIGHT near the lift area~

 photo P4192745copy_zps41ef0d41.jpg
#you will see STARBUCKS on your RIGHT, and turn RIGHT.

 photo P4192744copy_zpsd9bc069a.jpg
#Walked along the street, Paragon is on your right….

 photo P4192743copy_zpsa876d98a.jpg
#You will see Mini Stop on your LEFT

 photo P4192742copy_zpsfd8db370.jpg
#At this 7-11 junction, TURN LEFT

 photo P4192740copy_zps94fbcd3d.jpg
#After turning LEFT, you get to see this….

 photo P4192739copy_zpsaa0e8ac8.jpg
#After a 1minute walked, you see this beautiful restaurant on your left. That’s PJM’s mom restaurant! :)

Address: 242-1, Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea