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[Seoul] 팔팔민물장어

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I love Eel or some called it Unagi. I love fishes and almost all kinds except those fried type. So, when I first visited 황가네 꼼장군 I was excited to try this baby eel that I never ate it before. I thought its really tasty and I never ate something that taste like this at all. I guessed, I am really challenging when I travelling, I basically give a try to almost everything except anything-seaweed-or-vinegar haha! So, after the visit at  황가네 꼼장군, I searched around and found this 신촌 풍천장어. So the recent trip, I wanted to bring the girls to eat Eel yet its somewhere new. Really New & Luxury hahahahhahhaha!

Please forgive me of the not-so-sharp-photos for the direction guide as the rain was pretty heavy and I doesn’t have an umbrella.

 photo IMG_6630 copy_zpsvsryjztc.jpg
 photo IMG_6631 copy_zps1wzqoq8y.jpg
 photo IMG_6634 copy_zps2wvywgjf.jpg
#we took a normal seating because we so wet, doesn’t want to sit on the floor with our smelly socks too! HAHA

 photo IMG_6632 copy_zps0ggwtaul.jpg
Eel’s bone, its like crackers, and its quite addictive! :p

 photo IMG_6637 copy_zpsbyri3jfa.jpg
The menu, we accidentally ordered the luxury eel at 85,000won each (85USD) lol

 photo IMG_6638 copy_zps6vrxtmbo.jpg
 photo IMG_6640 copy_zpsnfulzhzg.jpg
 photo IMG_6642 copy_zpsu9ob7q9m.jpg
Their side dishes really yummy, and we were given 2 set each. We only have 4 pax and haha we refilled a few times because its too good! :)

 photo IMG_6643 copy_zpskcfwoqmr.jpg
quail eggs, who can resist!

 photo IMG_6644 copy_zpsfxus0aim.jpg
potato salad, one of my favourite!

 photo IMG_6645 copy_zpsivvufzne.jpg
# anchovies

 photo IMG_6646 copy_zps50kriscg.jpg
#its a type of squid/octopus etc, not sure haha

 photo IMG_6647 copy_zpsdxcuchxs.jpg

 photo IMG_6648 copy_zpscky3z5ee.jpg
#some greens finally!

 photo IMG_6650 copy_zps0cjebdeg.jpg
and our luxury eel arrived. It’s occupied more than half of our table height!

 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdi5dntzs.jpg
really luxury, look at the fat meat!

 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Oh my! i love unagi!

 photo IMG_6653 copy_zpslfthkihn.jpg photo IMG_6657 copy_zpsvxfbp4ev.jpg
 photo IMG_6658 copy_zpsz3kedoin.jpg
 photo IMG_6654 copy_zpsuehgnk0n.jpg
It’s really expensive as it cost 170,000won for this meal, but I think we all ended up have happy tummy! :)


Direction to 팔팔민물장어

I’m sorry that the photo turned out quite badly due to the heavy rains, and the lens was blurred, I didn’t realise it until I was back home.
But, its not too difficult to figure out the way, and its quite easy after exit too :)

 photo IMG_6609 copy_zps2fjkghtl.jpg
Exit 1 at Sinnohyeon Station & Walk straight

 photo IMG_6612 copy_zpsxw8sqwld.jpg
#continue to walk straight, Burger King on your right

 photo IMG_6613 copy_zpshjkfhlzf.jpg
Continue to walk straight, IBK bank on your right

 photo IMG_6616 copy_zpsihcvznzp.jpg
#Continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6617 copy_zpsu4xbjw1o.jpg
Did i told you all, I didnt have umbrella, so its really very wet! Husky on the right :)

 photo IMG_6619 copy_zpsx8ma9xq2.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6621 copy_zpsbgou9hsc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, dunkin donuts on your right

 photo IMG_6622 copy_zpsfcpqnobr.jpg
#you are almost, go all the way to the end! :)

 photo IMG_6624 copy_zps3sf16jo8.jpg
#you will see the shop name at the building on ur right. Walk in! :)

 photo IMG_6626 copy_zpslkfmdpc6.jpg
#the lens must be really wet!

 photo IMG_6628 copy_zpsgj4qenoa.jpg
 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Anyway, when I was checking the exact english name of this restaurant (which eventually I can’t find lol), I then realise, this is the one that Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin in Drinking solo) went. I love that drama, its so simply and actually telling quite alot of facts about working life too. 


Address in English: 745 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korean: 서초구 반포동 745
Contact: 02-549-1112~3
Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM (~10PM on Sat/Sun)
Nearest Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 1

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신촌 안맛집 Winter Red Bean Noodles

Did I mentioned before that TVN is really good recently with all the nice good dramas? One of my favourite dramas from TVN will be Let’s Eat. This drama is talking about 3 different character and personality person staying in the same building same level. Every single role have a impact to the storyline that doesn’t bored you at all. At first, I was thinking how interesting can a ‘eating drama’ be… so I’m wronged. As the main lead actor is Beast’s Doojoon, it tells me nothing but give this drama a try. Then, shortly, I got hooked to the drama because of the 3 main leads as well as their introducing of yummy food in every episode.

In EP 4, Doojoon served this food to 2 of his neighbours, and mentioned that it is a healthy winter dish. I’m curious, really curious about how it going to taste like. It’s Red Bean Noodle. So, I told my 2 friends about this winter dish, because we were heading for a winter trip in Korea (in 2013). We have no idea where we can get to eat this, but, while looking for “supper” after Hyesung’s Concert… we managed to pass by this store in Sinchon – 신촌안맛집 수연국수&카레. And, we thought, how about ordering 1 to share to have a taste of winter dish – since we doesn’t have winter here T.T

 photo 20140101025856157copy_zps4172226f.jpg
#it’s quite interesting because we had to order from a vending machine :)

 photo 20140101025923444copy_zps838d4e97.jpg
 photo P1010153copy_zps6731bd5a.jpg
 photo P1010156copy_zps9b9dda28.jpg photo D325CE7CAD6DC218C0C9BCF4C815_zps2f163083.jpg
A Photo from the drama :)

Banana Tree in Sinsa : Flower Pot Dessert (바나나 트리)

바나나 트리 Banana Tree at Sinsa

Remember how much I love Cafe hopping in Korea (Australia & Singapore) as well, this summer trip, we included quite a fair bit of cafe visit but due to the time limit, we only managed to go for a few one :( but, we manged to visit the one we really wanted – Banana Tree. And we were happy with the dessert :D

This cafe is quite a surprise because they are actually located quite off the subway so ‘maybe’ not many people knew about it. It’s petite and cosy cafe, handling by young ladies (during my visit). How I wish, I could have a cafe like this too. A pity that, Cin can’t join us but we promised to visit together next time :)

 photo P8124215copy_zpsa55ba628.jpg
#a very petite cafe

 photo P8124211copy_zps70aecd95.jpg

 photo P8124193copy_zps62f9ab9c.jpg

 photo P8124192copy_zps132c179d.jpg

 photo P8124190copy_zpsd301d5d1.jpg

 photo P8124189copy_zpse192a7a4.jpg

 photo P8124187copy_zpsee522349.jpg
#there’s outdoor seat too. Good enough for six person!

 photo P8124184copy_zpsea330e05.jpg

 photo P8124183copy_zps5077b22a.jpg
#the menu :D we ordered Banana Flower Paap (바나나 화분팝)

 photo P8124205copy_zps36e0f1c8.jpg
#the banana “cake” is really nice. The texture is soft, the taste is unforgettable :D

 photo P8124206copy_zps7fcead77.jpg
#it’s so beautiful, I mean where do you find dirt/soil delicious? Only in Banana Tree! :D

 photo P8124196copy_zps3d478f8b.jpg

 photo P8124200copy_zps345679a8.jpg
#their french toast taste slightly sweeter than what we usually eat, but its delicious! :D

 photo P8124194copy_zps823f629c.jpg

 photo P8124207copy_zps1633dc8f.jpg
#Rilakkuma is excited for his first visit here. A comparison of the dessert with a mini soft toy. A good share for 2, but definitely enough for 1.

 photo P8124209copy_zpsc6bf67a1.jpg
#and this shall not be miss, a photo of myself haha :)

Direction to Banana Tree

 photo P8124227copy_zps0b679735.jpg
#Line 3 Sinsa station, Exit 7. (Walk straight)

 photo P8124226copy_zpsf649f62e.jpg
#Turn Left when you reached the zebra crossing.

 photo P8124223copy_zps3a5eb052.jpg
#Walk straight, a fair bit of walking (especially during summer :((( It’s about 8-10mins walk.

 photo P8124220copy_zps346d34fc.jpg
#Passby this black pork store, continue to walk straight :)

 photo P8124218copy_zpsf125de3c.jpg
#continue to walk straight :D

 photo P8124217copy_zpsa3a12ad8.jpg
#When you see this CU, turned right, and you will reached! :DDD

 photo P8124216copy_zps2b513782.jpg

526 신사동 강남구, Seoul, Korea

(82) 02-3442-6050

Operation Hours
Monday – Friday 11:00am – 20:30pm
Saturday 11:00am – 21:00pm

Takeaway Available

To Ilsan. To New Friend. To 감자탕

To Ilsan!

The last time, I went Ilsan was like 2 years back for Kim Hyun Joong’s Break Down Comeback on Music Core. Oh gosh, can’t believe it’s been so long ago… And definitely, dropped by to the Jaksal outlet that KHJ’s mom owned. All I remembered was the long long journey from Myeongdong, and definitely the high speed of how the cab driver drove during midnight. It’s so fast T.T I remembered I was holding onto Alice saying I’m scared, HAHA (what am i doing to a little girl who is so much younger than me…!)

But, this time, we had a new reason to head over Ilsan! I’m meeting a new friend introduce by Cin. I’m pretty much excited to know this new friend, to me aside she is really very pretty and nice in person, I think is always very good to widen the social circle. And definitely, I love making new friend :) Kyungbin, my new friend, she brought us to Kid & Cafe for 감자탕, despite my 3th time to Korea, it’s my first time trying this dish.

 photo P4172438copy_zps2b548afc.jpg

 photo P4172432copy_zps43d2a61d.jpg

 photo P4172433copy_zps582b6e77.jpg
Korean restaurant always look very nice! And, they put much more effort in decorate the entire restaurant into different concept and feels. It feel like everywhere look different and interesting.

 photo P4172434copy_zps1ad9f120.jpg

 photo P4172435_zps21bcf5f7.jpgThe main dish, 감자탕 means Potato Stew, but it seems like adding Pork to it is so much common now. As much as I might not love the taste of Pork, but I must say this 감자탕 really taste very good, and the pork was so tender, the soup was so tasty, with lots of cabbage…. It’s one of the best combi.

 photo P4172436copy_zps8f51b468.jpgClose up of the Potato Stew. Yummy! I wish Carol is with us that day! :) — Thank you Cin for the treats! ^^

Kyungbin is very nice to me, and chat with me though it’s the first time we met. I believed, we had a great chatting time! After the meal, Kyungbin treated us takeaway drink for a little stroll at the park. The weather was so good that day, it’s not exactly very hot, but we gets the sun and a bit of winds.

 photo P4172439copy_zps9c160abc.jpg

 photo P4172440copy_zps85a699b5.jpg

 photo P4172441copy_zps7ed3d80f.jpg

 photo P4172442copy_zpsffa1f4e5.jpg

 photo P4172444copy_zps0a022b33.jpgZoocoffee cafe, which is in the theme of animal. It’s a very cute cafe, and there’s quite a number franchise over in Seoul.

 photo P4172447copy_zps7132e403.jpg

 photo P4172448copy_zps6974a298.jpg

 photo P4172449copy_zps00b76aec.jpgyou noticed something? :)

 photo P4172451copy_zpsd736ac56.jpggroup photo! :)

 photo P4172452copy_zpsafe543a7.jpg
 photo P4172454copy_zpsb204bfd3.jpgsometimes, during a trip, i guessed… it’s always good to have a little time like this… walking around, taking photos and resting on the grass :)

 photo P4172455copy_zps4119a86d.jpgit’s everywhere now, ‘my home’ haha!

 photo P4172456copy_zps784f6069.jpg


it’s a very very short time together with Kyungbin. Hope you will be heading Singapore soon, and we shall bring you around to see a different Singapore :) Till then, take care!

I Have A Dream

I never knew I will have love for pasta until my friends are totally in love with pasta. Nevertheless, this grown interest in me. I start to love pasta and always looking for the best pasta in town. During my stay in Korea, I’m sure korean food will never disappoint me, but how about pasta? I’m very sure not many people will have the thought of having other cuisine in Korea especially they already have so much different style/kind of korean food for us to explore. BUT, how can I missed having pasta in Korea right?

This cafe i am going to share is not just a normal cafe that serve paste… yet something unique about here.

 photo P4021501copy_zps878f1ab6.jpg

 photo P4021502copy_zpsfeaf8407.jpg

 photo P4021503copy_zps6d8dca8f.jpg

The interior look very difference to those I visited in SG. There’s live band at night too, and our reason of why going in afternoon………

 photo P4021504copy_zps0569af2c.jpg

 photo P4021505copy_zpsaec8555f.jpg

 photo P4021507copy_zps1a1ea372.jpg

we ordered a lunch set that include salad and the two dishes we wanted – pizza and pasta!

 photo P4021509copy_zpsf034102a.jpg

 photo P4021510copy_zpsa600e5a4.jpg

 photo P4021511copy_zps3402f23c.jpg

 photo P4021512copy_zps0230bc5b.jpg

 photo P4021513copy_zps985bff2e.jpg

 photo P4021514copy_zps8f3da385.jpg

 photo P4021515copy_zpsfec0977d.jpg

 photo P4021516copy_zps52115644.jpg

And tadah~ one of the lead : Strawberry Pizza :)
Many people who came here, is for this special dish, and it’s often sold out by dinner.
Not too difficult to know why we were here for lunch instead of dinner right?
It’s a sweet dessert, instead of normal pizza, something out of the box that we usually have.

 photo P4021517copy_zpsd0de2bb8.jpg

 photo P4021519copy_zps94fc794c.jpg

the thin crust is perfect.

 photo P4021520copy_zps26401201.jpg

 photo P4021521copy_zps4ca075ea.jpg

and, YES, this is the pasta that we wanted to try too! Steamboat Pasta, omg!
It’s really good, and we all wished we had came here again for the 2nd time but we didn’t…
I have no idea, 39 days really not enough? :p

 photo P4021522copy_zps13efd214.jpg

 photo P4021523copy_zpsd3ab40e0.jpg

 photo P4021525copy_zps998a0134.jpg

 photo P4021526copy_zpsfa32d364.jpg

Address: 서울시 강남구 역삼동 821 이즈타워 B3
Direction: Gangnam Exit 11 (make a U-turn after exit, less than 3 minutes walk, it’s on your left – green glass panel windows building)
Cost for our meal: 29500W

틈새라면 Teumsae – Korean Noodle Bar

This has always been a topic on, where to eat in Singapore? I mean, it is technically not too difficult to have a meal in Singapore. But.. the keyword is, where to find good and cheap food? And we start to wish, if only we are in Korea, and its so easy to find happy food there. And, I really think, we are so much easier satisfy even with a bowl of ramyeon from CU. (The instant bowl of noodle that I have heard from Cin & Carol previously… that’s really good after trying! haha)

And, this remind us of a place that sells ramyeon which we all thought the soup was so tasty! We were actually settling our 1month prepaid data sim card (yesyesyes!) at Gwanghwamun, so was thinking, to have our brunch around the area as well. So glad, we explored a little bit, walk a little, and found this small restaurant for our meal of the day! :)

It’s only when I start to research on this store online, to realise, it actually been around Korea for more than 30 years! And they had so many outlets all over Korea. We didn’t know it was a franchise business… :/

 photo P3180351copy_zpsa4798603.jpg

 photo P3180338copy_zps5a776a42.jpg
#saw JYP signature among the siggy wall of fame :)

 photo P3180339copy_zps95e5a3a7.jpg
#and we started to take photo right in front of the mirror! HAHA!

 photo P3180340copy_zps44b077dd.jpg

 photo P3180341copy_zpsfd60266a.jpg

 photo P3180343copy_zps3d961ae3.jpg
#a very small shop, but very interesting deco.

 photo P3180344copy_zps25ad38ac.jpg
#not sure if you realize this? I tot it was very very interesting to have the instant mee pack here.

 photo P3180346copy_zps6e5bea75.jpg

 photo P3180347copy_zps69be6509.jpg

And just while all the photo bombing around, our food are all ready to be EATEN haha :) Though the noodle could be just ramyeon (and some called it instant mee), I think Teumsae made an extra effort to cook the noodle with very QQ feel when eaten. The soup was made with love, because it so tasty that we can’t stop drinking, and we finished almost all of it. :)

 photo P3180348copy_zps1e8248a9.jpg

 photo P3180349copy_zpsde0af8c8.jpg

 photo P3180350copy_zpsa3b4be70.jpg

DIRECTION to the Gwanghwamun outlet

Gwanghwamun Station Exit 7, walk into Saemunan-ro 9-gil for about 5 mins. Teumsae will be on your left!

라면을 먹고 래 Part 1?

If you love spicy and dry ramyeon from Korea, I think this could be one that you should consider :)
I got it off from Lotte Mart. I’m feeling regret why didn’t I bought more the recent trip.
I really love it because its SPICY! :P

 photo 20130513_191918copy_zpsfb90c46d.jpg

 photo 20130513_193243copy_zps19d20c69.jpg

#okay, i played cheat, i put in some crab meat stick because I LOVE IT! :P

 photo 20130513_193354copy_zpse71c5ddc.jpg

I had a spicy dinner. how about you? :)