Gangchon Rail Park 강촌레일파크

Many people know of this Rail Biking from Running Man or Daddy Where are we going – popular variety shows us another beauty of Chuncheon. This rail park operates from 3 stations and after much decision, we decided to get to from Gimyujeong Station to Gangchon Station because its the most easy access. We took Muguanghwa train to Gimyujeong station and took our very first rail biking from there. It’s approximately 8km and its not even tiring, or maybe the weather in March was really good. Gangchon Rail Park is a popular attraction among tourist because you get to ride one the ‘bike’ along the old railroad along the Bukhangang River.

 photo P3270594copy_zps37fc9f08.jpg
the station that looks really traditional 🙂

 photo P3270595copy_zps2415ab70.jpg

 photo P3270596copy_zps01df7cc7.jpg

 photo P3270597copy_zpsb8b36cb8.jpg
less than 5 mins walk away from the subway (its pretty easy to navigate)

 photo P3270598copy_zpsa7a2aa42.jpg
The building is construct in a library of books concept. It’s interesting how it actually look like in real.

 photo P3270599copy_zpsd6a71f0c.jpg

 photo P3270600copy_zps419e8918.jpg
There’s timing for our railway, so make sure you won’t be late for it.
(we booked everything via online – with help of our guesthouse owner ^^)

 photo P3270602copy_zps334196b7.jpg

 photo P3270603copy_zpsbe7cca29.jpg

 photo P3270604copy_zps2d6c14d4.jpg

 photo P3270606copy_zps4686ce29.jpg

 photo P3270607copy_zps630b1139.jpg

 photo P3270609copy_zpse9a3ffd7.jpg

 photo P3270610copy_zpsb2b392b3.jpg

 photo P3270611copy_zps0f6b3449.jpg

 photo P3270613copy_zpsd1987ceb.jpg

 photo P3270619copy_zps7de85b20.jpg

 photo P3270622copy_zpsaae9bddd.jpg

 photo P3270624copy_zps2e71dae7.jpg

 photo P3270629copy_zps4fa96abf.jpgAs we ride, we got to see the pretty scenery along the railway track.

 photo P3270630copy_zps3cf6648e.jpg

 photo P3270632copy_zps15f17763.jpg
and we got to into the ‘happening’ tunnels~

 photo P3270633copy_zps562200df.jpg

 photo P3270634copy_zpsa8e3442b.jpg

 photo P3270635copy_zpsaeb23bb9.jpg

 photo P3270636copy_zps57e80bcc.jpg

 photo P3270637copy_zps696e1616.jpg
Stopover for a good 5minutes for a toilet break or grab some snacks

 photo P3270638copy_zpscaa0b4c6.jpg

 photo P3270639copy_zps5d33f417.jpg

 photo P3270640copy_zps2fa4a495.jpg

 photo P3271806copy_zps60944c2f.jpg

 photo P3271812copy_zps31383a54.jpg

 photo P3270647copy_zps79fa97b5.jpg

 photo P3270648copy_zps020eb050.jpg

 photo P3270650copy_zps74434b67.jpg

 photo P3270651copy_zps2d404756.jpgRailway biking that cameos in either 2 or 4. Hence family of 4 gets to ride together too~

 photo P3270652copy_zps83b27d09.jpg

 photo P3270653copy_zpsa70c43a2.jpg

 photo P3270654copy_zps0e1b5dfd.jpg
 photo P3270655copy_zps67f7e16a.jpgand there’s a free shuttle bus to send us back to Gim Yu Jeong Station.

 photo P3271851copy_zps334235ab.jpg

 photo P3270656copy_zps987bb313.jpg

 photo P3270657copy_zps48b46d2b.jpg

Here’s the video I took via Instagram.


1385, Gimyujeong-ro, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 춘천시 신동면 김유정로 1385 (신동면)


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