Bong Dae Bak – Uongole Spaghetti House

Last year march when we visited Thanks Nature Cafe, we happened to see the Uongole Spaghetti House next to it, looking really extremely delicious. But with heavy stomach and we only managed to fill our tummy with only strawberry waffles at Thanks Nature Cafe. So, we demanded a-must-visit eatery this time (when we visited in august 2013, its been a year!).

As this trip was kinda impromptu, not exactly few weeks before the rush, but we decided to go for it only if we managed to get our encore tickets and only deciding the day before their HK’s tour. Guess we were not very particular for seating, as our wish is really simple – be part of the orange sea. And with a little bit of luck, we managed to get the tickets within 15minutes…? Happy and definitely, we were excited as well as we were able to meet our friend Kyungbin for a meal. Having thinking where to have our meal together because she was staying a little far and having her to travel to the city of seoul will be a little bit too far 🙂 So, we settled with Bong Dae Bak at Hongdae! 🙂

 photo P8013554copy_zps1bf55387.jpg

 photo P8013538copy_zps7b6036f5.jpg

 photo P8013540copy_zps133c9b95.jpgthe bun – crispy outside and soft in the inside, it tasted real good.

 photo P8013541copy_zps66226530.jpg

 photo P8013542copy_zps0d03627a.jpgKyungbin & Cin

 photo P8013543copy_zps983bb762.jpgFusion with Korean touch. It’s 짬뽕 pasta! 🙂
It’s spicy and its in fact tasted pretty good!.

 photo P8013546copy_zps8d61ef7c.jpg

 photo P8013549copy_zps8c3ff835.jpgwe ordered what others ordered too. And it tasted GOOD 🙂

 photo P8013550copy_zps7841b057.jpg

 photo P8013553copy_zps288e32cb.jpgthis carbonara was good. okay, I think I need another visit the next trip 🙂

 photo P8013555copy_zpse2dd577c.jpg

 photo P8013556copy_zpseeffbf27.jpg

 photo P8013557copy_zpsf4947371.jpgAnd we went next door for their dessert! Yes, the sheep cafe, we all love 🙂

 photo P8013558copy_zps70c02c37.jpg
 photo P8013559copy_zpsa7ac6a03.jpg
 photo P8013560copy_zpsd62ac0f6.jpg
 photo P8013562copy_zpse016f6c0.jpg

 photo P8013565copy_zps1214054b.jpg
 photo P8013566copy_zps02fe629f.jpg
 photo P8013567copy_zpse213cd32.jpg


Hongik Station Exit 9
Walk Straight till you reached cross junction, turn LEFT.
About 5-8minutes look out for the store at your LEFT.
It’s located at Basement 🙂

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