Beans Bins Coffee 빈스빈스커피

Beans Bins Coffee served one of the best waffles in Korea, and this is well-known even between Koreans too. Kyungbin brought Cin to have this awesome waffles during her previous trip, and I heard so much from her that we need to put this in our itinerary! Strawberries, Waffles they got to be one of my favourite combination for dessert. Nothing can beat waffles with strawberries, seriously.

The outlet that Kyungbin bought Cin to was the Samcheongdong’s while we had ours at Myeongdong after a “tiring?” shopping day :)

 photo P3200603copy_zps4f713758.jpg  photo P3200602copy_zps744e8e04.jpg  photo P3200599copy_zpsfbe354a6.jpg  photo P3200601copy_zps74b3426a.jpg  photo P3200600copy_zpsfe1ecaf1.jpg  photo P3200598copy_zps879911e6.jpg The wait is definitely worth! Look at the WAFFLE!!! It was covered mostly by fresh juicy sweet strawberries. The generous portion of strawberries are really so awesome because its not often that waffles are served this much, especially its only W15,000 (USD15). I’m not a fan of cream but its so fresh, that every mouthful of cream + waffles + strawberries will definitely forget that you ate CREAM! :)


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