Seoul: Hermès Cafe Madang

My #3doryinKR trip was pretty long, and as a cafe addict, I need to gather a list of cafes I wish to visit. And definitely, Hermes Cafe Madang is one of them. It’s located at the basement of Hermes store, where you can shop at Hermes and have a tea time at their cafe.

 photo P3220726copy_zps9f733741.jpg

 photo P3220714copy_zps1959e593.jpg

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 photo IMG_4018copy_zpseb921365.jpg

Hermès Cafe Madang
Address: 서울 강남구 신사동 630-26 (630-26 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul )
Tel: +82-2-3015-3208
Subway: Apgujeong Exit 3

P.S. Pardon the photos in this entire entry, because it was taken way ago, and not using a better camera. But, I really wanted to share this place! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seoul: Hermès Cafe Madang”

  • Hi, sorry i would like to know when you mentioned we get down at Apgujeong Exit 3, how do we reach Hermes Cafe?
    By walking is possible? If yes, how long would it be? We don’t mind walking


    • Hi Mel Hung,

      Actually, I walked over the other time too! Its not short distance, but its pretty okay because the weather was really cool! 🙂 Maybe it will takes a good 15mins walks 🙂 Its been quite awhile since I went there 🙂

  • Hi,

    I try to book a reservation at Hermas Cafe in Gangnam-Gu next month, but it kept direct me to hermes website that only do online shopping.

    Could you share me the links that is direct to Hermes Cafe itself?

    • Hi, the last time I travel to Hermes Cafe was really many years back. It might be different now as there’s really many people going for this luxury cafes (like Dior Cafe as well). I basically walk in for both didn’t make any reservation. It wasn’t that popular back then 🙁

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