Korea: Caffe Bene

(I can’t believe I actually typed this in June, and have missed this out totally. I was still talking about busy with beast promo haha and thats Good Luck comeback when they already ended their 12:30 comeback haha! I insist, I have been really busy with work. Despite being busy, I love the fact that I am really busy especially this very year. Let’s continue to be busy and blessed 🙂

Caffe Bene is a cafe house chain in Korea that have the largest number of stores. I visited Caffe Bene thrice out of my 6 trips to Seoul, and usually they were my last or 2nd last breakfast of my trip. Its always awesome to have a sweet meal before you leave. And this conclude a sweet holiday that you never wish that its going to end.

Cafe Bene in Sinchon

 photo P4021290copy_zps5f568e96.jpg

 photo P4021289copy_zps9d7c3afb.jpg

 photo P4021293copy_zps7c1f991a.jpg
#the waffle is so nice that you wish you could have more, but 1 is always enough 🙂

 photo P4021292copy_zpsbcd67cc2.jpg

Cafe Bene in Myeongdong

I went to this outlet twice 🙂

 photo IMG_4042copy_zpsc44ceedb.jpg

 photo IMG_4044copy_zps58806068.jpg

 photo IMG_4046copy_zps3d81dc13.jpg

 photo IMG_4047copy_zpse6ff972c.jpg

 photo IMG_4048copy_zps8132f677.jpg

 photo IMG_4049copy_zps46040ff4.jpg

 photo IMG_4051copy_zps64541221.jpg

 photo IMG_4058copy_zpsd841daae.jpg

 photo IMG_4059copy_zps23d50ab1.jpg

 photo IMG_4060copy_zps73bfd57e.jpg
#the strawberry waffles was soon good. In fact, this set of myeongdong photos (above) were my first visit to caffe bene!

 photo P8124178copy_zps689c7072.jpg

 photo P8124179copy_zps3dbbe78d.jpg

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