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신촌 풍천장어

[Travel in December 2015]

I love eel, and I remembered my last visit to 황가네 꼼장군 for their baby eel. Its very different from the “unagi” we usually ate in a japanese restaurant. Now, I found a restaurant very near to my guesthouse, probably around 8minutes walk. I’m so excited to eat it when it was on my table! 🙂

 photo IMG_7957 copy_zpsio9dzi5h.jpg photo IMG_7944 copy_zpsi4rwqqnr.jpg photo IMG_7937 copy_zps3vp7pahn.jpg photo IMG_7938 copy_zpsjfuon3y1.jpg photo IMG_7961 copy_zpslwfwahft.jpg
Fried eel bone, surprisingly taste like cracker! 🙂

 photo IMG_7955 copy_zpswa19oruu.jpg
All for this! 🙂

 photo IMG_7953 copy_zpsxgvxnp6l.jpg
 photo IMG_7947 copy_zpsmic9wsy0.jpg
 photo IMG_7949 copy_zpshwwimzap.jpg
I can’t help it to show tons of different angle of the eel photos, because it taste yummy! 😀

 photo IMG_7954 copy_zpsmspes4tv.jpg
 photo IMG_7958 copy_zps4yacxgpg.jpg
Now, you got it! Its that yummy! hahahahaha 🙂

 photo IMG_7988 copy_zpsyb1cor9t.jpg
Sinchon Station Exit 8.

 photo IMG_7990 copy_zpslt8k92ma.jpg
Walking straight from the exit, you will see this view 🙂 Continue to walk straight 🙂

 photo IMG_7984 copy_zpshpcgyqgf.jpgWalk straight till you see Lotte Market 999 on your left… and…

 photo IMG_7983 copy_zpsga4wnhgn.jpg
Turned left here 🙂

 photo IMG_7981 copy_zpsradtnkxm.jpgWalk straight till you see 풍천장어 (In Yellow Board)

 photo IMG_7976 copy_zpsugpwbqns.jpg
Turned left into the alley and walk straight! 🙂

 photo IMG_7970 copy_zps3ggxrlzb.jpgWalk into the alley 🙂

 photo IMG_7968 copy_zpsuiejxvj0.jpg

 photo IMG_7964 copy_zpsmjaodbl9.jpg
All ready for your yummy dinner! 🙂

 photo IMG_7956 copy_zpsmbehm99i.jpg

신촌 풍천장어
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 신촌로18길 19-5
Operating Hours: AM 12:00 ~ PM 22:00
Please note that you need to order 1 serving for 1 pax 🙂

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