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쭈꾸미 블루스 Baby Octopus with Pork Belly

[Travel in December 2015]

I have tried this stir-fried baby octopus dish at Inchang Octopus and one of the restaurants at Jegi-dong (octopus alley). I am so impressive with how chewy, how soft, how juicy it were. It was then, I really think the journey to jegi-dong or guri is too far and I need to find a place that is within Seoul, and best to be within mapo-gu area. So, here’s one I found in Sinchon! Hurrrray! 🙂

 photo IMG_8957 copy_zpsqf1skbnx.jpg
 photo IMG_8959 copy_zpsfp9stjgi.jpg
 photo IMG_8955 copy_zpstnrsvdy8.jpg photo IMG_8945 copy_zpslbqv9op4.jpg photo IMG_8944 copy_zps14of5djz.jpg photo IMG_8932 copy_zpswoyjm2op.jpgOur food came shortly after ordering! Yummy! We supposed to order 3 serving as there’s 3 of us, but they were SOOOO NICE and let us ordered just 2 serving instead teeheehee! Told you, koreans are really nice and helpful and not forceful! 🙂 

 photo IMG_8890 copy_zpsm8acfdwc.jpg
 photo IMG_8937 copy_zps04yhdlyi.jpg photo IMG_8885 copy_zpsix5ekqxd.jpg photo IMG_8886 copy_zpsfg3cjuxq.jpg photo IMG_8913 copy_zps7mgv5q7z.jpg photo IMG_8910 copy_zps1pkb2xwi.jpg photo IMG_8907 copy_zpstpfo5e0e.jpg photo IMG_8909 copy_zpslxku2apr.jpg photo IMG_8926 copy_zps0eqfmk6d.jpg photo IMG_8935 copy_zpspaszxywo.jpg photo IMG_8941 copy_zpsfyrtyyj7.jpgThen we were so full but the table next to us was eating something very photo-worth. And tiffani was sooo nice to help me to ask them if I can took a photo 🙂 Thank you! 😛

 photo IMG_8950 copy_zpsgh7x7tis.jpgAND, OUR MEAL INCLUDE THIS RICE & EGG TOO!!! Oh My God! But, we were so full to even have another serving! But, the waitress insisted that we should also have this rice too, so in the end, we gave in and ordered 1 serving to try this rice :p

 photo IMG_8953 copy_zpsitk6cpis.jpg
A heart for you 🙂


 photo IMG_8969 copy_zps6tfdsiet.jpg
Sinchon Station Exit 5

 photo IMG_8967 copy_zpsjpxpxm2f.jpg
Walk straight, and turn right here 🙂

 photo IMG_8965 copy_zpstjrx1fpo.jpg
Continue to walk, and turn right here 🙂

 photo IMG_8961 copy_zpszttdo4ur.jpg
#And you reached! Wooohooo!!!

 photo IMG_8926 copy_zps0eqfmk6d.jpg

쭈꾸미 블루스
Sinchon Station Exit 5
(Sorry, I cant remember the operation hours, but be there before 10pm is better!)


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited this restaurant via my guide 🙂

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