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곰포차, the best pasta

[Travel in March 2016~2019]

I am so excited to share this pasta place with all of you, because its one of the best pasta I ever ate in Seoul. Its a small eatery place filled with many locals. Probably not a very well-known place to other yet. But, how can this awesome pasta place not to be share, since its such a worth visit 😀 So, we went twice and ate two different pasta! 🙂 Now, let the photo speaks everything for you 🙂

 photo IMG_1675 copy_zpsh3g8oojx.jpg

 photo IMG_1674 copy_zps0wvuhz1q.jpg
#we were waiting silly outside here for a good 5minutes, then the owner realise us from the kitchen and told us to go in… but isn’t it packed we thought :p Afterall, they have a basement, with probably another 6 seats hehe. Its a very small eatery, but definitely not to miss it! 🙂

 photo IMG_2266 copy_zpspboh8sum.jpg
They have alot of type of dishes, but pasta are the main specialty include the raw beef too! 😀

 photo IMG_2269 copy_zpsdwtn7igb.jpg
#this green chilis was so nice to eat together with the yummy pasta! 😀

 photo IMG_2268 copy_zpsiitulrai.jpg
#my favourite snack! 😀

cheer for many happy korea trips together!

 photo IMG_1671 copy_zpsp5xmqphb.jpg
#Look, how tasty, how delicious this Aglio Olio is. Its nearly impossible to stop at 1 mouth, you just keep eating and praise how nice it is 😛

 photo IMG_1670 copy_zpskyfp0xpb.jpg
#I love how soupy it was, because it just make it even more tastier! 🙂

 photo IMG_2275 copy_zpsby6monfq.jpg
#we went another day to try their seafood pasta! 🙂 The owner recognised us even though its like 6 days away from our first visit! 😀

 photo IMG_2274 copy_zps9qpnsrlu.jpg
#Don’t you want to try this!? 🙂

 photo IMG_2271 copy_zpsrpvixhq2.jpg

 photo IMG_6575 copy_zpsq1ezabok.jpg
#our friends tried the raw beef and full of praise! You must eat it when you visit here hehe. I love the sides, its pear yums!

Steam egg for sharing!

Free dessert, and its my favourite – peaches!

#Carbonara that is so awesome that we had it a few rounds this time. If you have 2 pax, there’s 2 eggs! If you have 5, there’s 5 eggs. There’s no way you need to fight for it haha! yums! I want to be back for best pasta!

I guessed, I visited this place 6th time in 2 years, and they probably remembered me a little :p I got my free desserts and free drinks for supporting them too! haha 🙂 Nice owners with really nice foods!


 photo IMG_2260 copy_zpsb5u37bru.jpg
#Nambu Bus Terminal Exit 5, walk straight 🙂

 photo IMG_2262 copy_zpslirvdscc.jpg
#Cross the traffic light and walk straight 😀

 photo IMG_1686 copy_zpspljeekl7.jpg
#continue to walk straight… (you will pass by a 7-11 on the left)

 photo IMG_1684 copy_zpsiaci7yjc.jpg
#Turn left at this junction where you see BABA CHICKEN on your left 🙂

 photo IMG_1680 copy_zps9pcgjpbx.jpg
#Turn right at this junction 🙂 //sorry a little dark, its almost 1am when I took this photos :p

 photo IMG_1678 copy_zps2hsufsb2.jpg
#Almost!! 😀

 photo IMG_1676 copy_zpst6ipmtba.jpg
#You reached! 😀 Now, time to order the food! 😀

 photo IMG_2272 copy_zpsyidkax2c.jpg

 photo IMG_1669 copy_zpszcowfo9k.jpg

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1459-9
Opening Hours: 17:30 ~ 03:00 (Saturday & PH closed at 1am / Sunday Closed)
Contact: 02-521-8358
Serving: Good for 2-3
Food Rating: 5/5

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