#fly2perth : Day 2 Margaret River

[Travel in October 2015]

“They” say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yes it does! We having our self-made breakfast with the bread and jam provided by our host and side with the ham & baby spinach we bought from the woolworths.

 photo IMG_4318 copy_zps4j5xj8dm.jpg
If the moon want to take a day off, I can take over the moon. MY FACE So round OMG!

 photo IMG_4319 copy_zpsak1zgxbv.jpg
The breakfast was nice because of the hams + baby spinach! hhehehhe!

We need to start the day right because, we will be heading for our Day trip to Margaret River. First we will be visiting the Margaret River Farmers Market. This farmer market will have up to 50 stalls includes the locals buskering musics and many local/handmade products.

 photo IMG_4323 copy_zpsb16wvryq.jpg
The market is much more smaller scale than I thought, we didn’t spend as much time as expected 🙁 But you can enjoy coffee under the hot sun (awww~) with some talent locals singing within the compound 🙂

 photo IMG_4324 copy_zpsqsycjyup.jpg

We left shortly to proceed to the Margaret River! 🙂 But we decided to stopby at the Town centre for a drink 🙂 Cafes are really everywhere in Australia, that you can happy walked in and out with a smile. We went to this SideKick Cafe and order a bagel with cream cheese to share 🙂

 photo IMG_4326 copy_zpsb38gesmw.jpg

 photo IMG_4328 copy_zpsa1ogprht.jpg

 photo IMG_4329 copy_zps1ygwwmgn.jpg

 photo IMG_4332 copy_zpsutg4p1pf.jpg

 photo IMG_4334 copy_zpsf7wlfhdk.jpg
Its really nice! The bagel have some herb taste that taste so good together with the cream cheese! 🙂

 photo IMG_4336 copy_zpsc0qizwoy.jpg
Teng say this is the best in Perth during the trip, and keep wanting to be back again!

 photo IMG_4337 copy_zpstt3mdghl.jpg
Indeed, this is the best I ever ate, and we can’t find it anywhere else!

We finally proceed our journey along Margaret River. I really love how beautiful perth is. Beautiful in country and people 🙂 They are so patience on the road, which I extremely appreciated! 🙂 Headed to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse! Woohooo! 🙂

 photo IMG_4339 copy_zpsv3suupkm.jpg

 photo IMG_4340 copy_zpsfvnjhk9c.jpg
We stopped by at some random beach that was so pretty, and start taking photos. I mean what can you expect from 2 girls! haha!

 photo IMG_4348 copy_zpsvokn4qsw.jpg

 photo IMG_4351 copy_zps4aq0tmzq.jpg

 photo IMG_4358 copy_zpsopiyswzd.jpg

 photo IMG_4360 copy_zpsfaqq4z9j.jpg

 photo IMG_4369 copy_zpsmmkmldgc.jpg
We love Perth! We love Australia! Thank you Western Australia for being so beautiful! 🙂

 photo IMG_4374 copy_zps8uzsxeub.jpg

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is beautiful, located at the most south-westerly point of Western Australia! This lighthouse serves as an important automantic weather station since 1895. It takes about 2 hours journey from Busselton Jetty! 🙂

 photo IMG_4377 copy_zps4fo4o8eu.jpg
Xiao-la definitely deserved a touristy photo with the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse! 🙂

 photo IMG_4379 copy_zpsj4syze5y.jpg

 photo IMG_4380 copy_zpsmfmypx19.jpg

 photo IMG_4382 copy_zpsfkmyiweh.jpg
Selfie is a must! :p

We didn’t joined any guided tour, just walking around, taking photos and briefly understand Cape leeuwin Lighthouse through the video recorder (if you DID listen haha! guilty tourist here!)

 photo IMG_4386 copy_zpsgaxrublc.jpg

So, we procceed our journey back, headed to the Mouth of Margaret River. The mouth of the river is actually closed to the ocean by a sandbar that only opens seasonally. Accordingly to our friend who stay in Perth for a year, said is a must-visit 🙂

 photo IMG_4388 copy_zpstucn7sq1.jpg

So, this is the mouth of Margaret River! 🙂 There’s some families here for a swim. The weather does deserve a dip! 🙂

 photo IMG_4390 copy_zpsk3czhyzh.jpg
I see some of them even doing Standup Paddling – this is one of the activities, I planned too, but there’s no availability, so we have to miss it! 🙁

 photo IMG_4391 copy_zpsy7gxbpzf.jpg

 photo IMG_4392 copy_zpsioq53evw.jpg

So, we continue the journey and headed to Margaret River Chocolate Company to get something for our Host. And we made a wrong turn and landed at White Elephant Beach Cafe, which we wanted to go but thought we didnt have time for it. haha! So, we just get a milkshake and sit by the sea.

 photo IMG_4393 copy_zpsvtvtu00l.jpg
This is our view when drinking the milkshake too! 🙂 We actually wanted some bites, but their kitchen is closing! Aigoo! 🙁

Headed over to the chocolate company, but its not our things. We didn’t buy any chocolate at all, nothing fancy us. But we bought a drink for our host to give it to them for being such nice and kind host to us! 🙂

We went to our favourite woolworth near Busselton Jetty to purchase our ingredients for our dinner! So happy because we are going to have salmon today! 🙂

 photo IMG_4396 copy_zps10akp1re.jpg

My friend texted me, where we had dinner when I posted this on instagram, and I told him, self-cooked via awesome microwave. Yes, we made everything via microwave include the handmade pasta! I guessed we are pretty genius making this works! 🙂 He told us, he was still wondering why the table setting was side by side hahaha! People study hotel management really different, see details in photo differently!

 photo IMG_4397 copy_zps9joquqsi.jpg
Check out the salmon, I told teng, I dont even want to finish it, I wanted slowly savour it and didn’t want it to end. And yes, check out the baby spinach at the side, its our 2nd pack already! haha, yes, we love baby spinach, and we did having 2nd serving that day too! haha :p


Perth Day 2 : Day trip to Margaret River
Breakfast: Woolworth + Host’s bread & jam
Lunch: Bagels from Sidekick Cafe + Milkshake from White Elephant Beach Cafe
Dinner: Woolworth
Tourist: Margaret River Farmer Market / Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse /Augusta / Mouth of Margaret River
Airbnb: Email me if you want the Airbnb contact because, I’m not sure if its legal to post the contact right here ^^

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