[Seoul] Sangsu: Kimpira 김피라

[Travel in October/November 2016]

Before heading for our very first trip together, we were watching Battle trip, and there’s EP on Seoul Snack… and one of the places that APINK’s Eunji and Bomi introduce is this place Kimpira. Honestly, the food that they ordered look extremely yummy! So, I thought, maybe we could give it a try and… let me share more about it in a while 🙂

 photo IMG_3537 copy_zpsx7qvwpqs.jpg
This is the exact kimpari that Battle Trip filmed at 🙂
 photo IMG_3579 copy_zpsh7uwk2ho.jpg
 photo IMG_3540 copy_zps2ksmqyu4.jpg
 photo IMG_3543 copy_zpsejk2hxb2.jpg
so many different choices.
 photo IMG_3544 copy_zpsb1vndigk.jpg
Its like not sure which is the best because all looks awesome 🙂
 photo IMG_3577 copy_zpsqgxppazg.jpg
 photo IMG_3574 copy_zpsvckksdec.jpg
 photo IMG_3559 copy_zpszigh3k0d.jpg
There’s fries, cheese, bacon and ricecake too! aiyo the fries i love!
 photo IMG_3557 copy_zpsmvpqiyrr.jpg
 photo IMG_3562 copy_zpsnozy5xez.jpg
We also order this carbonara which is a little different. The noodle wasn’t the usual pasta, more like our jajangmyeon noodle too 🙂
 photo IMG_3564 copy_zpsb8cxkgt9.jpg

Direction to Kimpira 

 photo IMG_3527 copy_zpsleaaem72.jpg
Sangsu Station Exit 1, walk straight 🙂
 photo IMG_3525 copy_zps2eqzi1gt.jpg
#continue to walk straight! 🙂
 photo IMG_3528 copy_zpstlk04062.jpg
Continue to walk straight
 photo IMG_3529 copy_zpsnljwvt0n.jpg
Continue to walk straight 🙂
 photo IMG_3530 copy_zpsootxpbiv.jpg
Turn right here 🙂
 photo IMG_3531 copy_zpsqtrdwvpa.jpg
Walk straight! 🙂
 photo IMG_3532 copy_zpsdundglmo.jpg
Into this alley! & continue to walk straight! 🙂
 photo IMG_3533 copy_zpsjxifgsax.jpg
#and you will reached!! 🙂
 photo IMG_3535 copy_zpsih7nnoq2.jpg
 photo IMG_3572 copy_zpsxorm4jn3.jpg

Kimpira 김피라

Address in English: Address: 411-12 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact:+82 2-337-0860
Operating Hours: 11AM – 10PM (Weekdays) 11AM – 11PM (Weekends) Last order 30mins before closing.
Nearest Subway:Sangsu Exit 1

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