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[Travel in March / April 2018]

When we heard all our date coincide during our (individual) trip to Korea, we knew we need to have a gathering with all our friends. It’s like a mini gathering with good food. Dory suggested 족발 and this started many research too. We shortlisted a little and eventually 홍대칼국수와족발 came close because the video impressed them haha. So we waited for our 9 girls gatherings that day!

it’s quite a small restaurant.

We ordered Triple Set, so we get to try all 3 types – Jokbal (Pig trotter), Bossam (Steam Pork Belly) and Bul-Jokbal (Spicy Pig Trotter).

We ordered 쟁반국수 + 셀프야채주먹밥 🙂

drink drank drunk, of cos not.

Our set meal include 국수 which we had it last. This clam soup served with the meat served as a warm finishing touch, given the large servings of protein.

셀프야채주먹밥: It’s rice balls time. My favourite thing to do is to STIR haha.

How’s the presentation of my rice balls?

쟁반국수: Before

쟁반국수: After mixing! And, I must say I do enjoyed this alot too! 🙂

Our triple set 🙂

Jokbal, my friends all love it! 🙂

Bossam 🙂


The crazy meal we had just for 5 pax.

Big gathering – 9 of us! 🙂


Direction to 홍대칼국수와족발

Sangsu Station Exit 1

Turn right when exit 🙂

upon turning right 😉

Go straight!

a simple walk, walk straight!

pass by ediya coffee

continue to walk straight!

continue to walk straight 🙂

Turn left after O LENS

walk straight!

Continue to walk straight!

continue and be careful of cars


and you


time to think what for dinner?

Yummy: Great for big gathering! 🙂



Address: 서울시 마포구 서교동 407-30 1층
Operation Hours: 11:00am – 02:00am
Contact: 02-387-3030
Nearest Subway: Sangsu Station Exit 1

Overall Rating: 7/10
Amount Spent: 61USD for 5 pax
My Recommendations: Jokbal, 쟁반국수
Best Part: Great Food, Great for Big Gathering

Will I come back? Yes! Most of my friends love pork!


  • Bul-jokbal is a little spicy for my friends, order Jokbal if you are someone who doesn’t like spicy food
  • Call for reservation if not be early



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