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신세계등뼈 (신촌감자탕)

[Travel in March/April 2019]

Finally back in Korea for my annual trip! 🙂 This is the first post I am going to share with you today! My first dinner in seoul that warmed all our tummies! Let’s see the food photos next! yay! 🙂

신세계, the door to 신세계? haha!
The menu! Please note that, you have to order 1 set per pax.
First you choose what you type of 감자탕 first, than order your main course (rice).
Banchan served! 🙂 Looking very delicious!
We ordered 2 types of soup: 감자탕 (Miso)
and, 신세계 감자탕 which we like this most! 🙂
More tasty more yummy!
갈치속젓 솔밥
마가린 솔밥 (taste a little like mapo tofu style with raw eggs!)
김치 븎음밥 + we topped with scrambled egg at 3000won haha!
김치 븎음밥
Our spread, table for 3 🙂

Direction Guide to 신세계등뼈

Sinchon Station Exit 6, Walk straight!
Turn left at the mobile shop!
After turning left, continue to walk straight! 🙂
Turn left here! 🙂
Continue to walk straight! 😀
About to turn right here! 🙂
Turn right here! 😀
Walk straight!
Tadah! 🙂
And, you will be all ready for gamjatang very soon 🙂

신세계등뼈 Sinchon “Gamjatang”
Address: 31-66 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Operation Hours: 11:30am – 10pm
Contact: +82 70-7766-9788
Nearest Subway: Sinchon Station

Overall Rating: 7/10
Amount Spent: 40,700won / 41USD
My Recommendations: 신세계 감자탕
Best Part: Taste, Hot-warm soup, One pax serving

Will I come back? I will, especially on a cold weather! 🙂


  • 신세계등뼈 has only less than 10 tables, so be early to avoid the dinner crowd
  • Everyone had to order 1 set meal, no sharing allowed 🙁

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