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신촌 여수집

[Travel in March / April 2019]

Every night, I will be switching the hotel tv till there’s a food channel. The reason is simple, we can’t understand korean so food channel will be the best! Looking at good yummy food haha!

That very night, I was watching SBS 외식하는날. We have no thoughts of anything just blindly watching 국주 and the rest hunting for food and more food. Till, 국주 mentioned a 신촌맛집 that makes my eyes bright up! My cousin and I was literally drooling as they savory the food one after another.

The next thing I know, I started google about this tv channel, and manage to get the location shortly. SY said, let’s try it for tmr dinner before she leave Korea and we did! haha!!! 🙂

The shop! 🙂
Many different type of seafood!
small eating area! 🙂
The Menu! and we ordered – 먹물라면
Emu, bring us steam octopus! look how huge it is!!!
she will cut away the “head” first – that’s suppose to leave it for the 2nd part of our meal!
Cut the tentacles into small pieces!
This is how we supposed to have our part 1. haha We ate it with the sauce too.
Can’t believe how fresh this octopus is!! Its not hard, but chewy and crunchy! It’s so good!!!
Then emu brought over the ramyeon stew!
she will cut the octopus head, and black ink will flow into the ramyeon stew
(why do I feel I can smell it now haha I must be hungry!)
As the ink flows, look how flavourful the stew is!!
I love how many leeks in this pot. SY don’t like, so I eat it happily! ALL BY MYSELF! LOL!
And there’s 2 eggs too! How can we skip egg in Ramyeon!!! 😀
Happily eating all these that I forget to take some of the interior photos! haha!
Me and emu who happily introduce us (to all her customers) as the 2 singapore girls who came here after watching the TV show haha!!! She is very cute and nice, maybe we are one of the few foreigners visited here, so she even give us a bottle of cola! yay!!!! 🙂

Direction to 신촌 여수집

Sinchon Station Exit 8.
Walk straight!
Turn left right after lotte market!
(after the left turn) 🙂
Cross the small zebra crossing!
Continue to cross another one here.
Walk in between GS25 and Starbucks 🙂
Continue to walk straight! 😀
You will see this shop on ur right side! 😀 YAY!!!

신촌 여수집 (Squid Ink Ramyeon)

Address: 마포구 신촌로14길 5 (노고산동 49-22)
Operation Hours: 4pm – 12pm
Contact: 010-5766-5948
Nearest Subway: Sinchon Station

Overall Rating: 8/10
Amount Spent: 40USD
My Recommendations: Squid Ink Ramyeon (먹물라면) which is really good and tasty! I have never tasted something like this, so its really new to me.

Will I come back? Maybe? Yes!!!!


  • Come early if you have a big crowd since its a small eatery!
  • Remember to order the 먹물라면!

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