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엔그릴 N Grill

[Travel March/April 2019]

Thinking of a nice romantic dinner with your date? Or, having a special birthday/anniversary to celebrate? Or even more, a proposal? How about N Grill? A fine-dining romantic dinner with 360 degree view of the city’s most premier attractions.

True enough, this is a luxury fine dining restaurant, that explains the expensive price that comes with it. Let’s the photo speak more of this! 🙂

(Note, the set menu changed since my first visit. Do check their menu online here)

I know, I have visited Namsan for so many times… But I still snap alot! :p
Good Day Korea! You always, one of my favourite countries!
One, that makes me smile and feel so in place! 🙂
Never believe in such locks haha so photo will do haha!
Ok, a photo here nth time lol
Hi nGrill. Here’s for dinner, my first time at 5pm though 🙂
I can see the skyline clearer since is brighter at 5pm.
Given a menu to choose from the 3-course meal 🙂
Appetizer – some truffle some salmon haha!
hot bread, that is really nice! 🙂
scallop, and not very sure this is part of the course :p
scallop that pan seared so nicely, that it so tender
pan seared foie fras with raisin chutney.
so delicious, tasted with a rich buttery flavor
parmesan cheese soup with truffle
Check out the view when having this~
the truffles in the soup gives a slightly garlicky with a deep musky aroma
my main course: Lobster friassee with truffle butter sauce
I saw some greens, so happy to have them!
lobster portion is generous, much more than I remembered from my last 2 times with n-grill. So happy that I can’t stop praising how good the food was!
Ok, the only “human” photo I took here haha!
Fondanut au chocolate, mascarphone ice cream
This was so good! The waitress will pour the lukewarm hot chocolate down. The sinful taste of chocolate cake!
And assorted cheese plate – which, is pretty hard to appreciate haha!

So happy to catch sunset here 🙂

The dinner course is about 1.5hr. Just in time for sunset 🙂
Goodbye Sun!
As the night approaching…
Thankful for 2019 been so great for me, and a great meal at Namsan! 🙂

엔그릴 N Grill

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 남산공원길 105 (용산동2가) – Namsan Seoul Tower
Operation Hours: 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 11pm (Weekends 11am – 11pm)
Contact: +82-2-3455-9297, 9298
Nearest Subway: Myeongdong Station

Overall Rating: 9/10
Amount Spent: Depend on your set meal (USD133 per pax for mine)
My Recommendations: Serving is good portion! Quality food!

Will I come back? For special occasion! Yes! 🙂


  • Please call (02) 3455-9297 for reservation! They don’t take walk in!
  • Do confirm your reservation at reception desk located on B1 at Namsan Seoul Tower, they will proceed you to the restaurant. You will be entitled to free admission to Observatory too

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