JEONJU DAY TRIP #4 – Beantie 빈타이

[Travel in March / April]

How about a cafe visit in Jeonju! 🙂 This cafe, is a must-visit because its really pretty and they served really nice drinks! 🙂 So let’s go

with a little bit of traditional look
the glasshouse
the vibes!
looking good~
i love it 🙂
we sat here, edit photos, and chit chat that we can’t even remember what we talk about.
that strawberry latte, that icecream coffee, that strawberry cake.
and it get darker, the lights up
so pretty!
the pathway!
happy feet!

Direction to 빈타이 고사점 BEANTIE – GOSA

We walked over from Jeonju Village, probably a good 15 minutes walk. Good walk since the weather has been really good! 🙂

Walk and towards the right side 🙂
Along Olive Young, walk straight
Pass by Ediya Coffee
PNB – this is very famous bakery in Jeonju (will share more about it later)
continue to walk straight
continue to walk straight ~
see GS25, and continue~
pass by PNB again, but cross the road!
continue to walk straight~
cross the zebra crossing again! 🙂
walk along the pharmacy~
continue to walk straight
soon okay haha
very very soon
right here, turn right~
continue to walk straight, in shortly, you will see
Beantie on your right~

빈타이 고사점 BEANTIE – GOSA

Address: 전북 전주시 완산구 전주객사3길 38
Contact: 063-285-4376
Operation Hours: 12noon – 11pm

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
My Recommendations: The drink & the cake! Everything we ordered is good! (I heard, this is really one of the popular cafes in Jeonju and they have many outlets too)

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