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큰기와집 大瓦房

[Travel in July / August 2019]

Teaser! haha!

Ganjang-gejang (raw crab marinated in soy sauce) – I always had it as side dish during my Jeju trips. But I have never been to a restaurant that specialise in this. For the past few trips, I always wanted to try, but ended up my schedule can’t fit them in. Don’t ask me why, I just have plenty of places to explore haha!

This time, I went to try 큰기와집 大瓦房 because, they are pretty famous in Seoul, and apparently, they also have cooked food – which one of our dory will love it!

Just that, the only reason that make us half anticipate is because they are 1 michelin star restaurant. Sometimes, michelin star restaurant doesn’t taste as well, we hope this will be different. – AND INDEED YES, ITS GOOD AND DESERVE THIS STAR!!!!

We reached a little early, but thanks to being early, we got a seat under the shade! 🙂
at 530pm sharp! We got our seat yeah!
Taste like corn porridge, but we are not very sure haha!
Fermented Soup with Sesame Leave + Mushroom!
A table full of gooooood yummy food haha!
Eel, yummy. Abit like unagi type!
felt like a big fish!
its really goooood! yummy!!!!
The Main.
Look at the roe!!!
I don’t eat roe most of the time I eat crab.
fresh and quality one really got difference!
one more photo!
eat like korean! we mixed the rice and roe and raw crab!

Direction to 큰기와집 大瓦房

Sorry for the photos turned out abit blur-rish. It was a heavy rain day, and walking in the rain while taking photo wasn’t easy. I can’t even check the quality of the photos 🙁

Anguk Station Exit 2 (walk straight)
This is what you will see on the street when you exit from the station
quite a long walk, but easy, just continue to walk straight!
continue to walk straight
cross the road 🙂 and walk towards the left side!
you will see this, after crossing the road
wait for another traffic light!
after crossing, turn towards left and walk straight! 🙂
continue to walk straight!
a little more!
cross this small road (and walk straight!)
continue to walk straight
and you reached! hehehehe!
Are you prepared to have this feast! 🙂

큰기와집 大瓦房

Address: 62 Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Operation Hours: 12–3:30pm, 5:30–9:30pm
Contact: +82 2-722-9024
Nearest Subway: Anguk Station

Overall Rating: 8/10
My Recommendations: Bossam & Soy Raw Crab
Best Part: Taste & Fresh

Will I come back? Yes! Definitely! I want to bring my friends here!


  • Be early
    It will get crowded and people just start to queue!
  • Expect the high cost (Raw Crab is USD50 each)
    I have figure out that its always better to eat it well afterall, its RAW CRAB!

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