Cafe Layered (Yeonnam) 레이어드 연남

[Travel in July / August 2019]

It’s been a while, and here’s come another cafe post! tadah! 🙂

I think this brick design, is really pretty, and photo worthy.
A little pity, its raining if not its a OOTD place!
every corner seems to be really pretty!
check out the cake selection!
so cute right?
pardon the light, cos when im at this table area, the lighting seems different haha!
Scones selections, so much! 🙂
Garlic cream does look really good!
earl grey cake!
chocolate cakes
apple pie
with the drinks 🙂
a photo of me 🙂
quite nice writing
photo of 3 dory and the food :p

Direction to Cafe Layered (Yeonnam) 레이어드 연남

It’s a little journey to the cafe, and because its raining quite heavily, it makes it even more difficult to take all the shots.

Hongdae Station Exit 3 (walk straight)
continue to walk straight!
It’s raining that day, that explain some terrible photo taken :p
continue to walk straight! 🙂
continue walk straight!
cross the zebra crossing, walk towards the right side
Walk towards the 2 girls with the umbrella direction 🙂
continue to walk straight :_
continue to walk straight
pass by THE ALLEY, continue to walk straight
Towards the traffic light
Cross the road!
and turn left! 🙂
continue to walk straight!
continue to walk straight
pass by fluffy! 🙂 and
you are about to reach!

Cafe Layered (Yeonnam) 레이어드 연남

Address: 마포구 연남동 223-20
Operation Hours: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Subway: Hongdae Station

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
My Recommendations: Probably scones?
Best Part: Photo-worthy

Maybe, if a friend who wished to try something in Hongdae!


  • Please note, there’s a minimum order per pax.
  • The cafe get really crowded by afternoon, be early
  • They are famous of scones, so maybe try that if you are a fan

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