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I always love having a good tea by the sea side, and I know for this trip, I really need to hunt some nice cafes 🙂 There’s one I share previously HUINNYEOUL BEACH CAFE and now, let’s enjoying some sea views this time too! 🙂


Are you excited to be here too?
I took a bus over from HAEDONG YONGGUNGSA TEMPLE and it’s just 5mins ride 🙂 I didn’t expect this cafe to be so huge. There’s a basement carpark!!!
I am…
having difficulties
to chooose!
and I wish I have the stomach for all hahaha!
Decide to go for Milk Tea & Strawberry Latte, because I thought that is the best of the world!
and no cheesecake because I had it yesterday. Regret cos this taste simple haha!

I actually have a big problem choosing where to sit too! And now, I have problem to decide how should I pair all these photos together so it wont be tooooo overload. Let’s start with the interior, and exterior shortly 🙂

So there’s a total of 4 storey with 1 basement for cars. Please note, if you have kids, you cant go to level 2F – 4F
Which also explain why there’s so many family on level 1 too. Where I sat. I figure out, I dont want to carry so many things up the stairs haha!
So this is where I sat too! haha
Level 2 🙂
View from Level 3
Honestly, quite pretty ya?
Lots of seats around!
Some quiet moment without kids – you have it
Plants too!
They even have a “lounge” area.
View from level 2, I guess it explain why kids not allow too. In case fall down!

So there’s also exterior part of the cafe – Outdoor space! 🙂

Plenty of outdoor seat, but honestly its really way too cold to be seated here haha
View is really very pretty!
and now
let’s introduce
Sat here for 5mins, and feeling cold! haha
This cafe is really very very big haha

Direction to Cafe Coralani 카페 코랄라니

I took a bus 해운대구9 at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 해동 용궁사 bus stop. It takes me 5 minutes – 3 stops to reach!

Side track, I thought this HOTEL LOOKS GOOD! Maybe I shld do a night stay here next time!

Cafe Coralani 카페 코랄라니

Address: 32 Gijanghaean-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea
Website: Cafe Coralani IG
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm
Transportation: I took a bus 해운대구9 at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 해동 용궁사 bus stop. It takes me 5 minutes – 3 stops to reach!

Overall Rating: 7/10
My Recommendations: Strawberry Latte is nice! But not very sweet, so you maybe wish to add tint of syrup in! 🙂

Will I come back? Except for the Milk Tea that doesn’t taste nice, taste similar to some cough syrup haha!

HELLOSIHUI’S TIPS: Pair this cafe together with the temple visit. You may wish to also, include the SKYLINE Luge outside 해동 용궁사, or even the Lotte Outlet nearby too! This are really new compare to my last visit (2013/2014?)

From Singapore to Incheon Airport
Via Singapore Air – 90,000 Mile + S$87.70 Tax
Singapore Air flight the same period cost S$1665.30

Seoul Accommodation (Sinchon)
Peter Cat Hotel – S$623.25 / S$56.70 per night

Seoul Accommodation (Hongdae)
RYSE, Autograph Collection Seoul by Marriott – SGD 535.20 / S$267.60 per night

Busan Accommodation
Ramada Encore by Wyndham Busan Station – S$319.20 / S$159.60 per night

Airport Transfer 6002 Bus Limousine: 17,000won
Korail (KTX): S$125.50 (2 Way, Seoul – Busan, Busan – Seoul)
Private Transport: Kakao Taxi and payment via Youtrip
Within Seoul & Busan: T-Money

Camera Canon M3, Go Pro 7 Hero, iPhone 14 Pro Max

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