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跟小笨說 Hello!

I have been pondering and deciding which camera to get for my next ‘work’. I have decided to do a little chapter by the end of the trip. I didn’t want to develop just photo and nothing else. I think it is quite cool to have a few books binding together of the photos I took… my travel journal 🙂 And, I have yet sharing that, I’m actually doing a APPS and this is needed! ^^ So, I decided to get a better camera 🙂

Canon 650D is one of my choices, it’s the latest (yes i like newest stuff ever!) and, flip screen and one of the first ever touch screen model for Canon. It’s a perfect camera for me except the fact that… It’s heavy for normal usage. I can’t and not sure how long will this last — I mean carry it as a daily basis like, how I usually bring out my S90. But, I have this guilt, ever since my brother borrow my S90 from me, I haven used a camera since then. I totally lost the feel of camera suddenly :/

Aside Canon, Pen 3 is my ultimate choices…. They took good photos and definitely a great size for traveling and even normal outing 🙂 So, decision is hard especially I have been a canon user for like — 9 years? 🙂

So, one day, I decided to try Pen 3 at Best, and definitely it gain my love and soul and anything else in between 😛 My mindset settle for Pen 3 in white because its so pretty and I can’t wait to get it on my hand next. And definitely, the price is like a kill. It’s so close to a normal DSLR. My god! 😛

(shhhh, daddy paying half for my camera! weeet! I have the best daddy in the world, because he always dote and support everything I did! And he trust me fully!)

So, last last friday, I decided to go get my camera! but, sadly it’s out of stock, WHITE is in hot demand seriously! 🙂 So, I waited and waited for another 1 week before I can get it on my hand, and officially start playing it! 🙂 Just before I got this camera… i felt really like a pregnant mummy, getting clothes for the newborn! 😛 I bought my first first very camera strap online for my 小笨! 🙂

Right now, I just need to figure how to take great photos, and not forgetting the very useful 10 Art Filter that come with it. Wonderful 🙂




One more items strike off from my gadget list! One more to go and I think… I have done with the list 😛

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