SM Town LIVE in Singapore 2012


I actually was really excited to watch SM Town, I used to think this is a must-watch for a KPOP fanatic like me. But when the ticket information was out, I was a little disappointed that the ticket was so much expensive than I thought, despite the very last seat last row for the concert. Just in a week time, Stacey give me one of the biggest news ever! She won tickets to SM Town, and willingly to give it to me. THANK YOU STACEY!!!!

I guessed it wasn’t very difficult to guess I was once a ELF (fan of Super Junior!). I used to be a lonely fan, because none of my friends was into KPOP. I watched and find every single clip to watch in the past. Youtube was and is still my best friend ever! I remembered I watched FULL HOUSE with lots of laughter because of Heechul, Kangin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Hangeng and many more…. very funny very entertaining! That was when… I started to like them even more. So, I was pretty excited to join the rest to spread the Blue Love on that day.

I really thought, my liken for them have faded. I didn’t watch SS4, due to my February trip, and I thought I was really happy with watching them in SS3 after 5 years of ‘waiting’ haha. Then, just when I watched SM Town….. Oh man, I think I will still go for SS5 if that happened πŸ˜›

Some people complain that why SM town have such coverage more than the rest of the kpop concert in Singapore. To be honest, SM TOWN is a big concert by one of the biggest agency in Korea. It wasn’t even over-doing it because they deserved a big coverage. They have one of the biggest boy band – Super Junior, one of the biggest girl band – Girl Generation… and definitely, not forgetting the beloved girl idol 10 years back – BoA, and one of the ‘hottest’ boyband – H.O.T’s Kangta and DBSK! And the young and upcoming idol groups – Shinee f(x) & EXO as well. — Do you think RITS really overdo it? I think they could have done even more haha!

If, any other agency is here for their company concert, I think the coverage will be big too. But mind me, this is the FIRST BIGGEST KPOP CONCERT ever. And, RITS have been doing a good job for SUJU SS3 SS4, Girl Generation, Shinee Tour as well! Though, SM Town can be really much better due to the spoil screen? and the Stage is really way further than anyone can imagine haha. But, I think for such event, is a not bad job afterall! hehe!!! πŸ™‚

Personally, I think I LOVE THE RAIN FALL actually. I thought, it actually make this concert quite special πŸ™‚ hehe. It’s my very first outdoor concert with rain fall too, its exciting to watch though… :/ but poor f(x) and shinee had to in the rain while performing πŸ™ Overall, I quite like DBSK and SUJU (of cos) performance the most. hur hur. Victoria, Yuri Β is sooo pretty that I wanted to rebond my hair because of that…. πŸ˜›

Now, I’m actually a little looking forward to SS5, I hope the ticket can be cheaper, haha πŸ˜›

(Side Track) how i wish this SM Town have Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky and H.O.T too. Can you imagine…? OMG! hur hur πŸ˜€

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