Shinhwa Broadcast – Chuncheon Pungmul Market 풍물시장

Shinhwa Broadcast
is one of the very popular variety shows among youngsters lately. They visited 풍물시장  during their MT ep which I thought was really a nice and interesting place to visit during your Korea trip. It’s a very localize market where you get lots of exposure of different experiences. — so worth a visit!

Still can’t remember anything from Shinbang on Pungmul Market? I have done a screen cap for you to get some memory back all the way to EP15 (it’s already into EP53!)

 photo shinbang_zps6d335f0f.jpg

We had found the place, and managed to eat the Tadpole noodle too. So, joined me right here and you will soon get to know more about it! 🙂

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at115923AM_zps6bd96df4.jpg

You can take ITX to NamChuncheon towards Gyeongchun direction (Alternative to save money, you can just take the normal line to NamChuncheon which is much slower since there’s more stops in between). ITX is available from Wangsimni (if you are at Green Line), Cheongnyangni (Dark Blue Line), Sangbong (Line 7)…. ^^  It is quite a long journey, we bought some snacks from Lotte Mart the night before for this long long day hehe.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at115526AM_zpsccad6763.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at115507AM_zpsa9091ac8.jpg
#Exit 1, and walk straight all the way (the direction is pretty simple!)

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at115514AM_zps5b27b8c5.jpg
#walking under the Subway Track….

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at115533AM_zps5a82b4eb.jpg
#in a short while, maybe a good 8mins walk, you reached! 🙂

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28atcopy_zpsa9018083.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at113152AM_zps7857da29.jpg
#the exact signage that ShinBang cameraman captured haha! (why did I sound excited over a signage lol)

There’s about 140 interesting stores in Pungmul Market. Basically, this local market sell everything and anything right beside each stall. You can see, someone selling fishes right beside someone who is selling pot hehe!!. In a way, I thought this is very very interesting. I enjoyed visiting market because is like, something what tourist usually won’t add into their itinerary. But its something local and surprisingly interesting too. I must really thanks to Shinbang that make us explore new places… 🙂 You can do your grocery shopping here like, we actually bought dinner, fruits and biscuits back. And if you love the fashion hehe, you might even get some ‘ahjuma pant’ too hehehe. It’s actually very comfortable. The seller even told us, your mom will love it. haha 😛 

Something important to take note —- Pungmul Market only opens on the 2s and 7s. Which means only on 2/7/12/17/22/27 of each month, of cos, other than this date, some stalls still open but is quite pointless to visit because is almost empty :p

 photo P4122138copy_zps190b2417.jpg

 photo P4122136copy_zpsb27bffb4.jpg

 photo P4122134copy_zps9b9e8bc4.jpg

 photo P4122133copy_zpsdf095350.jpg

 photo P4122132copy_zpscda813bf.jpg

 photo P4122131copy_zpsbace4177.jpg

 photo P4122139_zpsa9a99aa2.jpg
#5000w of shirt at market, seems really cheap right haha!

 photo P4122129copy_zps350148a7.jpg

 photo P4122128copy_zpscaca8084.jpg

 photo P4122127copy_zps6bbcd5da.jpg

 photo P4122126copy_zps3d99d267.jpg

 photo P4122125copy_zps1020c2c6.jpg
#this remind me of Oppayam! hehe, if you watched Cheer up Mr Kim, you probably know why hehe 🙂

 photo P4122124copy_zps33dbe67b.jpg

 photo P4122123copy_zps90332db3.jpg

 photo P4122156copy_zps2cc249a3.jpg
#this actually remind me of the thingy that Junjin used to hit on Eric on Shinbang Sistar ep haha 😛

The Highlight of my Pungmul Market Trip. The Stall that Shinhwa had their 올챙이 국수! 

This dish is popular here (according to Shinbang haha!) So I thought we shld give it a try hehe. 올챙이 국수/ Tadpole Noodle/ 蝌蚪麵條 – They called it tadpole noodle because of the shape of the noodle. But its actually made of dried corn flour! 🙂

 photo P4122148copy_zpsed950fb5.jpg

 photo P4122155copy_zpsbfcaf5d2.jpg

 photo P4122150copy_zpsd46b970b.jpg

 photo P4122149copy_zpscbc689b5.jpg

 photo P4122140copy_zpsb32e520d.jpg

 photo P4122143copy_zps5602dd44.jpg
#we had pig skin too – we called this Collagen! For pretty skin, eat collagen! 😛

 photo P4122141copy_zpsc1e19122.jpg
#the legendary tadpole noodle. hehe!

 photo P4122142copy_zps9ec51395.jpg
# sorry for blur photo, but it happened too fast lol. e-mu actually put some soup in it later, just like how Shinhwa ate too! hehe.

E-mu was really nice, sharing with us that Eric was in punishment that why he worn skirt haha. And pointed to us that the stall (i have photo after this hehe), he tried the heel on hahahahaa!!! She also shared with the rest of her customers that we get to know here because of Shinhwa Broadcast. haha. She is also very pretty and cute too! And not forgetting, she give us free drink haha! 🙂

 photo P4122147copy_zpsb9a532a0.jpg
#e-mu with Cin…. 🙂

 photo P4122145copy_zps4f0f67a6.jpg
#carol with e-mu ^^

 photo P4122146copy_zps83f17f25.jpg
#how can I forget a photo right? that’s me with e-mu hehe! ^^

 photo P4122152copy_zps09d09cda.jpg
#and this is the stall where Hyesung wanted to get one shoe for Eric. haha! (Next to e-mu stall!)

 photo P4122151_zps472958cb.jpg
#look out for Pillar P50. You will soon find yourself eating in the stall haha 🙂

If you had extra time, do go on some market trip! 🙂 And this could be one of it too! hehe 🙂

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